Exalate Issue Sync

Exalate Issue Sync


Exalate is the most complete & flexible synchronization tool on the planet for issue trackers and task management systems such as Github, HP ALM and Jira.

With the Exalate sync tool you can experience an intuitive collaboration between teams using Jira and Github by synchronizing issue data automatically across your instances.

More details
Exalate provides a flexible synchronization engine such that issues are automatically and securely synced - between Github and Jira - wherever hosted.
We understand teams work differently over different departments and companies. Benefit from a unified view and integrated workflow! No need to adapt workflows for all teams.
With Exalate you control exactly what you share and who you share it with. Thus keeping confidential information private and secure.

Some properties

  • Choose whether to sync data in both directions or unidirectionally
  • Sync all data, including labels and comments
  • Each party defines what is private or shared
  • Sync issues out of the box
  • Adapt to your needs with a flexible scripting engine
  • Cut delays with instant synchronization
  • You can integrate not only GitHub and Jira. Exalate supports other issue trackers such as HP QC/ALM or other. Expand your network through Exalate.

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Exalate Issue Sync is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms, privacy, and support documentation.

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