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Continuous security analysis

LGTM is a code analysis platform for identifying vulnerabilities early and preventing them from reaching production.

LGTM automatically runs over 1600 standard analyses contributed to by top researchers from the Semmle Security Research Team and our growing customer community – including Microsoft, Google, Uber and Mozilla.

Quickly refine and run custom queries to find variants of known issues and prevent them from being re-introduced into your codebase.

Automatic code review for pull requests

LGTM only notifies you of new (and fixed!) alerts. This way, it's low-noise, but still allows you to detect critical problems early and fix them before they’re merged!

Prioritized alert overview

View the alerts for the latest commit of your project, smartly prioritized based on the alert severity, your project history, and the behaviour of developers across over 130,000 repos. Extensive filters also allow you to focus on the results that are most important to you.

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