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Continuous Integration for NPM Packages

Get an installable package preview for every PR.

Test your work before merging: Install any PR locally on your machine as a fully built package. Or import it as a JS module directly in your browser via the Pika CDN.

Test your built package, not the dev repo.

Publish with confidence: Pika CI tests the built package tarball to make sure that your package was configured properly for publishing. No more missing dependencies or unexpected surprises when you go to publish your package.

Continuous Deployment for NPM Packages

Get a package preview of every branch, hosted on the Pika CDN.

The Pika CDN is well known for serving packages from npm. But with Pika CI/CD, your package becomes even more powerful with new repo "branch" matching.

Merged an important fix to master but not yet ready to cut a new version?

Point your users to install and they'll never be blocked waiting for an official version bump again.

Looking for feedback on a new feature that's not yet ready to merge?

Point your users to to get their feedback earlier.

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Pika CI is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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