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GitHub App

GitHub App

Continuous integration system for MySQL and MariaDB, supporting a pull request workflow for schema changes.

Before using this system, create a schema repo with the open source Skeema CLI:

  • Download the Skeema CLI binary
  • Follow examples for using skeema init to export your table definitions to disk
  • Create a git repo and push to GitHub as usual. We recommend making your schema repo private in most situations.

Then, install this GitHub integration on your schema repo:

  • Click the green Install button on this page
  • In the Select repositories drop-down, select your schema repo(s)

Once you install this GitHub application on a schema repo, every git push will be checked for common problems automatically, akin to skeema lint on the command-line. Pull requests will receive automated comments with DDL diff generation, just like running skeema diff. Your developers now receive instant feedback on proposed schema changes, without needing DBA intervention!

Developer is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support documentation.

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