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  1. Name (Project Heading): JumpingNumbers
  2. Institute: IIT Kanpur

App Description

This is an app that uses Number line to teach the children the concept of using simple addition facts with cardinal numbers. The app has also got the number bond concepts shown in the most simple way with visual representations, so that it is easier for these children to understand the concept. It also teaches how the numbers are represented using the number line. Number line is a tool which helps children develop greater flexibility in mental arithmetic, as they actively construct mathematical meaning, number sense and the understanding of number relationships. This is also a kind of manipulative used for making the children understand about the number sense and to understand about addition facts of single numbers. There is also as assessment record maintained, where the number of mistakes done in every level is recorded.

How to install

  1. Download JumpingNumbers.apk file on to your mobile/tablet
  2. Open file manager in your device
  3. Locate JumpingNumbers.apk and click on it.
  4. Click ok when asked whether to install the app
  5. The app will be installed to the apps section of your device immediately.
  6. Now you can start JumpingNumbers by click on this icon.
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