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  1. Name (Project Heading): QuickDraw

  2. Institute: IIT Kanpur

App Description

Quick draw is an app that helps the children to understand that small parts can be put together to make a whole picture. The drawings are basically created with different geometric shapes. The user gets immense satisfaction of creating a meaningful pictures by just joining shapes in a proper way. They can also try to use shapes in some random way to create their own image.

How to install

  1. Download QuickDraw.apk file on to your mobile/tablet.
  2. Open file manager in your device.
  3. Locate QuickDraw.apk and click on it.
  4. Click ok when asked whether to install the app.
  5. The app will be installed to the apps section of your device immediately.
  6. Now you can start QuickDraw by click on this icon.
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