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1.Name (Project Heading): Sequentern Hindi

2.Institute: IIT Kanpur

App Description

Sequentern( Hindi) is an app designed for children to learn about the geometric shapes and their names. It is a complete hindi version of Sequentern. In this way it will facilitate the non english users also to use the app effectively.

The first level teaches the name of the shapes. This level confirms and tests the learning of the shapes by the user. The second level has matching shape with the appropriate shape. This will test the user gets confused seeing the shapes with other geometric shapes. This will also help in teaching the children about sorting based on the shapes. The third level tests the learning of the names of shapes with the corresponding shapes. This level tries to find out whether the user can name the shape by looking at the image.

Since the shapes and their names have been taught in the initial levels, the last three levels can be completed using logical thinking. Hence the sequencing of the shapes are given in different complexities in these levels. And along with the shapes sequence the concept of colour is also introduced in the last level. This app will teach children about the various commonly used geometric shapes and to stimulate logical thinking and problem solving in children.

How to install

  1. Download SequenternHindi.apk file on to your mobile/tablet
  2. Open file manager in your device
  3. Locate SequenternHindi.apk and click on it.
  4. Click ok when asked whether to install the app.
  5. The app will be installed to the apps section of your device immediately.
  6. Now you can start SequenternHindi by click on this icon.