This is a repository for contextlogger3 software that is being built in Aalto University on top of the funf framework ( This project has originated from and is inspired by the ContextLogger2 project ( developed at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT)…
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Folder structure:

  • clientframework -- Client-side sensing framework for android devices. This framework is built on top of Funf Open Sensing Framework. "clientframework/src/org/apps8os" has the latest code for client framework (without any additional application specific code) with new packaging structure. A jar of client framework can be taken from this packaging structure and used with host android application.
  • httpserver -- example java based http server for uploading the data from the client
  • loggerapp -- Android application that aimes to log your daily activities and contexts
  • dataprocessing -- code for integrating data into database and processing it

How to start?

See Project setup instructions in the wiki.

Referring from scientific articles

Mannonen, Petri, Kimmo Karhu, and Mikko Heiskala. “An Approach for Understanding Personal Mobile Ecosystem in Everyday Context.” In Effective, Agile and Trusted eServices Co-Creation – Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Electronic Commerce ICEC 2013, 19:135–146. TUCS Lecture Notes. Turku, Finland: Turku Centre for Computer Science, 2013. Download