Data Science Command Line Toolbox in a docker container
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Docker Container for Data Science Toolbox (DST)


This docker container is to make all data science tools available in a container to start your data science work in seconds.

More details about the project

Before moving to know about What, Why and How to use DST. I wanted to acknowledge Jeroen Janssens for such a wonderful tool kit for data science.

Here is the blog post to know more about this docker-data-science-toolbox

How to use docker container

The simple and quick way to use this data-science-toolbox is as follows.

Softwares required to use docker container

  • Docker (Tested version 1.12.1)

Steps to use container

  • Pull the data-science-toolbox image from the docker hub
docker pull appsecco/data-science-toolbox
  • Use the docker container with interactive shell and persistent storage from host system
docker run -v `pwd`:/data -it appsecco/data-science-toolbox sh
  • Then start working with your data science operations

Buiding docker image

  • Clone the git repository
git clone
  • Start the build by running below command
cd docker-data-science-toolbox
docker build -t data-science-toolbox .
  • Then start the container by running
docker run -v `pwd`:/data -it data-science-toolbox sh
  • Then start working with your data science operations

Docker-Data-Science-Toolbox in Action


To-Do list

Please have a look at to-do list

Please feel free to make a pull request or tweet to me @madhuakula for improvements and suggestions