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A simple PHP application to learn SQL Injection detection and exploitation techniques.
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Simple SQL Injection Training App


This is an extremely vulnerable application. Please do not deploy in production or host it on the Internet. You are responsible for this application and what you do with it.

This is a simple PHP application with multiple pages to demonstrate and learn SQL Injection.

The PHP code is extremely primitive but clearly demonstrates the vulnerability and can be used to teach the various kinds of SQL injection in a hands-on class.


  • docker
  • docker-compose


  • Clone this repository
  • Run docker-compose up in the root of the repo where the docker-compose.yml file is present
  • Go to to create the database and tables within the application.

DB variables

If you wish to change the password of the root user when starting the containers, then the following files need to be updated with the new password that you choose

  • edit the value of MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD in docker-compose.yml
  • edit the value of $DBPASS in db_config.php
  • edit the value of $DBPASS in resetdb.php


The different inputs for each of the links can be found in

Reset DB

To reset the database, navigate to /resetdb.php

Database export

The sqlitraining.sql file contains the entire database as an export. This file can be reviewed to see what the DB looks like in terms of the tables and data within.

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