Mediate Appsfire ads with MoPub and AdMob
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Android Update to sdk v2.3.0, add native mediation for Mopub Apr 15, 2015

Mediation Adapters for the Appsfire SDK

Mediation Adapters

Appsfire ads can be mediated by others SDK sush as MoPub and Admob. Here you will find:

If you want to use our SDK to mediate other ad networks (instead of our SDK being mediated by MoPub or Admob), please visit our documentation (iOS / Android).

Getting Started with Appsfire

The Appsfire SDK is the cornerstone of the Appsfire network.

It provides the functionalities for monetizing your mobile application: it facilitates inserting native mobile ads into you application using native APIs. You can choose one of our ad units (Sushi, Uramaki).

It also helps you engage with your users by sending push and in-app notifications.

  • Please visit our website to learn more about our ad units and products.
  • Please visit our online documentation to learn how to integrate our SDK into your app.


In order to get started, please be sure you've done the following:

  1. Registered on Appsfire website and accepted our Terms Of Use
  2. Registered your app on our Dashboard and generated an SDK key for your app
  3. Grabbed our latest version of the SDK downloading it from our Dashboard