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We developed a carousel that helps you to present several sashimi ads with (almost) no effort. Just insert the open source class AFAdSDKCarouselSashimiView inside your UITableView / UICollectionView, and increase your number of impressions without disturbing your users.

![carousel example](./sashimi-carousel-example.jpg)


For a full integration example, please open the workspace and take a look at the project AppsfireSDK-Example-Sashimi.

We advise you to only instantiate one carousel object in your list class (and reuse it each time it must be displayed).

Three parameters are needed to programmatically instanciate the class:

  • frame of the view
  • subclass of sashimi view used
  • bitmask of effects applied to the ads
if (self.carouselView == nil) {
	self.carouselView = [[AFAdSDKCarouselSashimiView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0.0, 0.0, CGRectGetWidth(cell.bounds), CGRectGetHeight(cell.bounds)) sashimiClass:[AFAdSDKSashimiExtendedView class] effects:AFAdSDKCarouselEffectScale];

Easy customization

** Available effects **

We implemented two effects: fade (AFAdSDKCarouselEffectFade) and scale (AFAdSDKCarouselEffectScale). You even can choose to combine them!

** Any kind of sashimi **

In this example we put the template sashimi extended. But you could decide to put the minimal template, or even your own custom sashimi!

Open source

As the source are visible, you can modify them! Feel free to suggest some modifications to the class.