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Marking Menu empowers you to surf the web with pen flicks or mouse gestures. It's a must-have extension if you have a Wacom tablet or TabletPC, but works great with a regular mouse too!

In this version, you can:

  • create and destroy tabs,
  • travel forward and backward through your history,
  • move between tabs, and
  • fling the page up or down.

If there are other actions you'd like enabled, let me know. It's especially helpful if you include the JavaScript required to do your action.

You can bring up the menu by holding the middle mouse button. Then, move towards the appropriate icon, and release. If you are hovering over a link, the menu won't appear right away (in case you are trying to click a link), but will react appropriately if you flick.

If you'd prefer to use the right mouse button instead, just make that change in the preferences. Simply browse to chrome:extensions and click the Options button next to Marking Menu for Google Chrome™.

Release History

  • Ability to select which button triggers the menu. (0.2)
  • Context menu enabled when you right-click a link (0.2.1)
  • Finally fixed scrolling and back/forward compatibility in newer versions of Chrome (0.2.2)


A marking menu can sometimes be called radial menu or pie menu. No matter what you call it, Marking Menu for Google Chrome™ is what you're looking for.