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Capistrano versions 2 and 3 are officially supported by the AppSignal Ruby gem, but might require some manual configuration.

The Capistrano integration makes sure an AppSignal deploy marker is created on every deploy. Read more about deploy markers.


Make sure you load the appsignal/capistrano file in Capistrano's Capfile. This should be done automatically when you run the appsignal install command during installation.

# Capfile
require 'capistrano'
# Other Capistrano requires.
require 'appsignal/capistrano'



# deploy.rb
set :appsignal_config, name: 'My app'

appsignal_config allows you to override any config loaded from the appsignal.yml configuration file.

appsignal_env (since gem version 1.3)

# deploy.rb
set :stage, :alpha
set :appsignal_env, :staging

appsignal_env allows you to load a different AppSignal environment when a stage name doesn't match the AppSignal environment as named in the AppSignal config file or environment variable.

appsignal_revision (since gem version 0.8.8)

In Capistrano 2 AppSignal is able to fetch the revision from the Capistrano config.

In Capistrano 3 however, this is no longer available and setting the revision is recommended.

# deploy.rb
set :appsignal_revision, "my_revision"

The revision can be set manually or fetched from the git repository locally.

# Sets the current branch's git commit SHA as the revision
set :appsignal_revision, `git log --pretty=format:'%h' -n 1`

If you're using the branch configuration setting Capistrano you can also set git to fetch the commit SHA from the selected branch.

set :branch, "master"
# Sets the selected branch's git commit SHA as the revision
set :appsignal_revision, `git log --pretty=format:'%h' -n 1 #{fetch(:branch)}`

Example applications

We have two example applications in our examples repository on GitHub. The examples show how to set up AppSignal in small Capistrano applications while loading configuration values from the environment using gems like dotenv and Figaro.

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