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Delayed Job

Delayed Job is created by the excellent folks at Shopify and one of the most popular background processors for Ruby and Rails.

The AppSignal gem detects Delayed Job when it's present and hooks into the standard Delayed Job callbacks. No further action is required to enable integration.

Procs as Jobs with display_name

Delayed Job allows any class that responds to perform to be queued and processed.

If you use Procs with a perform method and display_name that doesn't return the default ClassName#method_name format, AppSignal treats each Job as a separate entity, creating many Incidents and notifications.

To counter this, define an appsignal_name method that returns the correct value, this way the Jobs will be grouped correctly.


class StructJobWithName <
  def perform

  # This wil generate a new incident and graphs for each unique name.
  def display_name

  # This will group the jobs back to a single entity, allowing incidents
  # and graphs to work properly.
  def appsignal_name

Changes to the integration

Queue time

In AppSignal for Ruby gem 2.3.0 a change was made to the queue time registration. In PR #297 the start time of the job was used rather than the creation time of the job.

This means that the time from when a job was created until the time it should start is no longer registered as queue time. This will prevent very long queue times from skewing the queue time graphs on

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