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To instrument Rack applications AppSignal provides an instrumentation middleware which can be added to any Rack application.

To integrate AppSignal in a Rack application we first need to load, configure and start AppSignal.

require 'appsignal'                           # Load AppSignal

Appsignal.config =
  File.expand_path('../', __FILE__),          # Application root path
  'development',                              # Application environment
  :name => 'logbrowser'                       # Optional configuration hash

Appsignal.start                               # Start the AppSignal integration
Appsignal.start_logger                        # Start logger

Lastly we need to add the instrumentation middleware to the application.

use Appsignal::Rack::GenericInstrumentation

By default all HTTP requests/actions are grouped under the 'unknown' group. You can override this for an action by setting the route in the request environment.

env["appsignal.route"] = "GET /homepage"

Or by using the Appsignal.set_action helper method in your Rack endpoints.

Appsignal.set_action("GET /homepage")

For better insights it's recommended to add additional instrumentation to the Rack application.

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