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Releases: appsmithorg/appsmith

Release v1.9.5 🌈

30 Jan 15:15
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What’s new

Trigger actions and events in Appsmith from the parent app or site that an Appsmith app is embedded into. Pick dates on a Table from the Datepicker. Install Appsmith via Kubernetes with ease, thanks to our Helm chart updates.

🚀 Features

  • Remember how Appsmith apps can now be embedded via iFrames into an app or a website? That feature can now use triggers from said parent app or site. [#967]
    • An event listener called subscribeParentMessage now lets you specify the domain your app will take triggers from.
    • A counterpart listener called unsubscribeParentMessage will let you stop the app from taking triggers from that domain.
      • This unsubscription happens automatically on changing pages, so you will need to write an on-page-load subscription for each page you want the trigger to work on.
      • The unsubscription also happens automatically on exiting the app or changing from one app to another.

💪🏾 Improvements

  • The first page of an app without a designated Home now serves as the Home instead of leading users to an error. [#19680]

  • The Datepicker now shows up inside the Table and lends all its powers to date columns. [#19181]

  • The RTE now gets some 🧡. Emojis are now available in the Rich Text Editor, both in the toolbar and the WYSIWYG space. [#19767]

  • Our Google Maps library has now been upgraded to react-wrapper to support our move to React 17. [#19315]

  • Remember JSONForms letting you access hidden data? The prop field is now called Show hidden fields in data to save you the pain of scrolling up and down in props. [#19580]

  • JavaScript functions now show up in auto-complete wherever you are allowed to make a reference to them. [#19811]

  • Referencing an entity like selectedTab or another property declared in a JavaScript function whose name is computed, not static, doesn’t throw a false linting error anymore. [#19919]

  • Console logs now don’t show lines from an internal check we run on your raw functions to determine if those functions are sync or async. [#19551]

  • When a password is needed to connect to a datasource, the password fields— Password, Client Secret, others of the like—tell you if you need to enter a password or the password previously entered was saved. [#18531]

  • Postgres authentication now honors Postgres’ password-less trust authentication and doesn’t mandate a password be entered. Use this at your own risk, though. [#19265]

  • You now see cleaner JS Object diffs when using Git sync. [#19156]

  • /page GET calls are now faster. [#923]

  • End-user sessions now persist across Redis server restarts. Goodbye, an Inbox full of can’t-stay-logged-in tickets! [#19981]

  • Our Helm charts now,

    • default to NGNIX if you haven’t specified an ingressClass,
    • deploy MongoDB v5.0.12 in line with our recent upgrade, and
    • enable the use of imagePullSecrets to allow getting Appsmith images from private registries in protected set-ups where an external connection isn’t favored. [#19296]
  • Appsmith Docker images can now run on CPUs without AVX instructions, if using a custom, external MongoDB, thanks to @jarimayenburg. [#19971, 20055]

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Check out our templates and sample apps without being forced to a sign-up screen. We aren’t that pushy about signing you up and we have now taught our fork-modal component better. [#19966]
  • In more template fixes, forking one with a REST API datasource doesn’t break the app anymore. [#19930]
  • The Datepicker now shows a red box around itself if the widget is set to Required to make it more consistent with your experience when using the Datepicker inside a Form. [#19853]
  • Include bindings with new-line characters in API headers, switch screens, and come back to find them just as you left them. :-) [#19298]
  • Signing up for an account now works right and you land on the right workspace’s Home after the sign-up is successful. [#990]
  • Business edition users will now see the app they are supposed to after they sign up and activate their instance instead of having to figure out the app they want from the Home screen. [#969]

Release v1.9.4 🌈

19 Jan 11:42
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What’s new

Fixes for OIDC dependencies on Spring, AWS Cognito are in. Snowflake queries and datasources work fine with our Java 17 upgrade. Preparations for a big change to your Appsmith experience are underway and visible if you look closely.

🚀 Features

  • That whole drag-and-drop thing is Materially smoother! Google, are you listening? [#19047]

    • Widgets resize against the edges of the canvas if you keep pushing them against it.
    • They start to resize when you bring them against the edge of a container.
    • Hold them there and they start to push away the container and other widgets to reclaim their original size.
    • If they haven’t started doing that but they are still close to a container’s widget, holding them anywhere on their body and pushing them inside the container doesn’t feel like you are trying to phase them through a wall.
  • Comment or uncomment away with or Ctrl + / in any field that lets you write JavaScript. [#18667]

💪🏾 Improvements

  • A cleaner navbar in preparation for a big change to your entire Appsmith experience [#19414]

  • Performance improvements owed to smart logic for figuring out tooltips on a Table’s cell when the contents of the cell doesn’t fit. [#19056]

  • storeValue ops are now batched for better performance. [#19247]

  • Queries can now talk to a MySQL datasource on five connections instead of one, so your excuse to get up for coffee is now gone. Find another one, though. Coffee is important when coding. [#17873]

🐛 Bug fixes

  • If you change names of widgets, say, a Text, in an app that already has a List widget with a similar name for an embedded Text widget, this kicks in for a more complete check of that change. [#19350]
  • The Quick Page Wizard was smart enough to know if it didn’t have room for the Table on the page you were trying to create the app on. It is now smarter and creates a new page. [#19440]
  • API URLs on Appsmith now understand the importance of dynamic bindings and don’t discard them. [#18987]
  • User access caching is now working as expected and actions with dependencies on those accesses shouldn’t take any time at all. All in all, performance is back to normal. [#19849]
  • Snowflake connections now work as expected. [#19827]
  • For Appsmith Business instances that don’t have an OIDC dependency on APPSMITH_BASE_URL, we have brought back baseurl as the default value for redirects. Meaning, older OIDC configurations that didn’t have the environment variable work fine. Newer OIDC set-ups will need to talk to APPSMITH_BASE_URL. [#974)
  • While Spring and Cognito talk to each other and fix scopes, we have made OIDC work with Cognito. [#968]

Release v1.9.3.1 🩹

12 Jan 17:29
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🥵 🛠️ for OIDC SSO troubles after upgrading to v1.9.3

Release v1.9.3 🌈

12 Jan 11:33
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What’s new


Latin for more Menus, more CLI powers, more accuracy, and more performance improvements.

🚀 Features

  • Remember dynamic Menu items from v1.8.12? They are now available on Menu Button columns so you can use JavaScript to configure those menus for all rows with one swift line of code. [#18945]
  • appsmithctl gets two new powers. [#19075]
    • appsmitctl version will tell you what version of Appsmith you are running
    • appsmitctl mongo-eval isn’t for you unless you are told to run it by our Support folks. No, seriously. Don’t run it if you don’t want data leaks.

💪🏾 Improvements

  • Spring Boot 2.7 → Spring Boot 3.0.1, Java 11 → Java 17, a bunch of security upgrades along the way, too. [#19044]
  • Hidden fields in a JSONForm now reveal their values for you to reference. Hide yet be reachable—it's almost like magic. [#18791]
  • If you found a recent delight turning into a diss, this makes it right go back to the delight. [#19524]
  • The smallest change in the Invite modal you see on your workspace’s Home, the biggest benefit to consistency in UI and UX copy. [#19505]
  • We will now know when Appsmith fails to connect to Redis or MongoDB in a Kubernetes cluster and we will restart the Appsmith pod. [#19425]
  • The Text widget now gets your ducks text in a row. [#19308]
  • All datasource connections, including Postgres and authenticated APIs, now ask you to save the connection’s configuration only when you have made changes. [#19114]
  • Users who leave all their workspaces or only have View permissions to a workspace don’t see a Fork button on templates—which is as it should be. [#19226]
  • Pasting widgets on the canvas now follows the pointer accurately for placing the new widget. [#19230]
  • Firestore configuration fields are now cleaner and make more sense. [#19281]
  • Adding or removing an async function to a JS Object now shows immediately under Settings for that Object. [#19303]
  • Thanks to @ps-xaf, our Helm charts are now configurable to pull Mongo and Redisinit containers downstream from your approved registries. [#18834]

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Widget data bindings from JS Objects now correctly set and show the data when the JS Object is run by a user action like the click of a button. [#18940]
  • Tab away within widgets to move from field to field even if it’s the Modal and you want to move just within it. [#18991]
  • For certain datatypes in async fields, we showed the wrong error—uncaughtPromiseRejection. We now show a TypeError or ReferenceError. [#19076]
  • Fresh instance of Appsmith or on for the first time? Test away your datasource connections without a worry. Because why would you worry? [#19435]
  • Pagination for Firebase connections now works as expected. [#19412]
  • Dynamic bindings in the Body of a GET request in API configs now work without empty "body" errors. [#18474]
  • This fixes almost a restart of the Make application public toggle to make an app public. [#19132]

Release v1.9.2 🩹

06 Jan 12:35
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🥵 🛠️ for existing corrupted encrypted data

For folks who had trouble with older malformed encrypted data after upgrading to v1.9.1

Release v1.9.1 🩹

05 Jan 14:34
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🥵 🛠️ for MongoDB v4.

Download this image if you have tried to upgrade to v1.9.0 without upgrading to MongoDB v5.0.14 first.

Release v1.9.0 🌈

05 Jan 11:50
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What’s new


Upgrade self-managed MongoDB to 5.0.14 from 4.4. Appsmith Docker now ships with 5.0.14 and trying to upgrade to this version without first upgrading self-managed MongoDB to 5.0.14 will result in a 503 error.

🚀 Features

  • Embed settings are now in! Get ready iFrame embed codes for your apps with a toggle in App Settings. [#19023]

    • Control the size of the embed.

    • Choose to make your app public.

    • Control embed permissions in Admin Settings.

      Embed settings in Admin Settings _ General

  • Create dynamic options in a Table’s row with the currentRow property now available for the Select widget. [#18180]

  • For situations when a unit increase or decrease in numbers didn’t make sense, you can now hide step up and down arrows in Input widgets’ props with a toggle that’s also JavaScript-enabled. [#18764]

💪🏾 Improvements

  • The MongoDB instance Appsmith Docker images ship with is now upgraded to 5.0.14 from 4.4. Self-hosted instances that use an external MongoDB instance will need to upgrade it to 5.0.14 soon for a future Appsmith version to work. [#18773]

  • Auto-height now flexes a JSONForms muscle. All new JSONForms now have auto-height on by default and all existing JSONForms get the option to  turn auto-height on. Now, go make those forms dance to your tunes. [#18932]

  • To help Auto-height work right, the List widget had to make its children dumber. Now, that that’s done, Auto-height is smart again. [#18755]

  • In more Auto-height improvements, the min-max handles now have a row’s difference between them so you can use them both without trying to achieve surgical precision with cursor movements.

  • It’s a tooltips party with the Datepicker and the Select family of widgets joining the Input widget. [#18480]

    Multi-select widget's tooltip •  Appsmith

  • We now tell you a little better when data variables clash with the same variables in trigger fields and to choose one or the other for each field type in widget props. [#19137]

    Error for data variables when the same variables are also used in trigger fields

  • If Google Sheets authorization fails, you see the datasource connection with an error that asks you to sign in and authorize again. Helps that you can’t create new queries before you authorize so you can keep your hair and sanity. [#18785]

  • When you make changes to your Google Sheets connection and go back without saving said changes, you will now be helpfully prompted to Save And Authorize or Don't Save those changes. [#18719]

  • More performance improvements in this version, this time with smart-optimizing how JS Toggles in widget props work behind the scenes and how many times we call the datasource schema in the Entity Explorer. [#18905], [#18448]

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Get to know better when your Git commits don’t push through on a protected branch because you don’t have rights. Then go hanker your admin for those rights. [#18737]
  • Some Git-connected apps were so affected by this fix, they decided to delete themselves. We have made sure they don’t do that anymore. [#18964]
  • APIs with special characters in the URL now work in the Previous and Next fields for Pagination by response URL under Pagination in API configs. [#17886]
  • Auto-height’s very nice but it broke the Modal when another widget was dropped on to it. Auto-height has learnt not to do that. [#18953]
  • There? Not there? Widgets sometimes went quantum on you. They don’t do that anymore. [#18913]
  • Menu items for the Button Group stood away from the pack. We have literally made them fall in line. [#18951]
  • API headers behave better. [#18626]
  • You needn’t try this just to confirm if it works but if you ever click on the Appsmith logo on an unsaved datasource config screen and save the connection, you will find Appsmith doesn’t crash. [#18881]
  • You invite someone to your workspace with one role chosen. You try to invite the same person to the same workspace later with another role. Shouldn’t happen, right? It did and broke a few principles of user management. We have now fixed it at the point of the invite itself. [#19254]
  • This weird situation when you uploaded a logo to brand your apps but didn’t do colors leading to troubles with inviting a user is now gone. [#921]
  • This is sublime cover art that fixes a backend problem with a frontend solution. So you don’t get to see weird behavior on screen when you haven’t configured environment variables. [#18428]
  • The answer to the mysteries of the universe wasn’t 42 characters in passwords, we realized. So, we have now increased it to 256 characters in the hope they help you use password generators and that maybe that will also unravel the secrets of the universe to us. [#18176]

Release v1.8.15 🌈

28 Dec 12:36
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💪🏾 Improvements

  • Were your larger applications starting to feel like they took forever to load? We've shipped out a performance improvement to load these pages faster! [#19273]

Release v1.8.14.1 🩹

22 Dec 14:24
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🛠️ for v1.8.14

In preparation for a big release, we moved our runners over to GitHub.

Release v1.8.14 🩹

22 Dec 05:38
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🛠️ for v1.8.13

This is a hotfix that fixes performance issues on v1.8.13.