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Release v1.8.0 馃寛

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@Rishabh-Rathod Rishabh-Rathod released this 09 Sep 09:00
· 1229 commits to master since this release

What's new?

If you have wondered about our silence the last couple weeks, this release is why. Introducing v1.8.0 up from v1.7.14. This major upgrade prepares for the release of granular access controls soon. We will report more on that in the coming releases.

For this one, we have a big thing that leapfrogs dev experience, faster widgets all, a bunch of standardized widgets, and some feature-rich widgets.

馃殌 Features

  • This is a big one. Ready? We now natively show logs from console methods in Appsmith. 馃コ [16286] Some highlights 鈫.

    • You can use console.log 聽in JS Objects as well as JavaScript written inside {{ }} bindings.
    • That will log the sequence of actions with the response of the console statements.
    • You will see those logs when you select Console Logs under Logs on your query editor screen.
    • No more sifting through the thousand lines of log in the browser鈥檚 console.
    • Auto-complete now suggests console everywhere.
    • To put that into perspective, if The Flash ran two times faster, he could actually beat Superman in a race.
    • Like we said, this is a big one. 馃コ
  • Jumping through hoops to offset table data for pagination? Nope. Not anymore. [#16083]

  • If got an upgrade, say v1.8.0, and you came back to a long-open tab that you hadn鈥檛 refreshed in a while, you would see a screen of white without any orange in it. We want you to see lots of orange, so we now ask you to refresh that tab. [#16153]

  • Input, Currency Input, and Phone Input widgets now join the Radio, Toggle, and Checkbox widgets in looking better. [#15546]

  • We've supercharged all our widgets to run 2X faster. Let鈥檚 see how. [#14485]

    • We do smart math now to see which widgets you are changing and update only them on the canvas.
    • We also calculate space available on the canvas only when you are moving a widget on the canvas or when you are dragging a new one.
    • Seemingly small changes? Nope. Render times have now gone down from 250ms to 150ms in the Edit mode and 150ms to 80ms in View mode.
  • The Map Chart widget has its first country map鈥攖he USA. [#16059] Let us know which other countries you would like.

  • The Property Pane is now so much better organized we are thinking we will write a paper on the principles of organizing. [15768]

馃挭馃従 Improvements

  • The new Table now retains the changed order of columns even when the datasource has columns that don鈥檛 return values. [#13979]
  • A popular shortcut, CMD/CTRL + Return/Enter, could run an action鈥攁n API, a query鈥攁nd also commit a change to your Git repo when the Git modal鈥檚 open. We now take after well-designed systems and ask the shortcut to only commit a change when the Git modal is open. [#16248]
  • Auto-complete has built some serious muscle and now works with the Checkbox, Select, and Document Viewer widgets in addition to browser APIs like console. [#15999], [#15857]
  • Bonjour. Appsmith prend d茅sormais en charge la devise Vanuatu vatu sur le Input widget. Translated, Appsmith now supports Vanuatu Vatu in the Input widget. Merci, @nzidol. [#16121]
  • Themes are all about customization, so it seemed fair we let you have custom names for your custom themes. [#15837]
  • We missed "" in the rowObject's placeholder text when writing an insert query for Google Sheets. If you followed the placeholder and got an error, {鈥渁pology鈥: 鈥渨e are sorry we missed it鈥, 鈥渞esolution鈥: 鈥渨e fixed it鈥}. [#16441]
  • If you have used the icons for Canvas Size and wondered why the two Tablet icons looked the same when they were meant for different canvas sizes, we don鈥檛 know what you are talking about. Because, yep, they look their size now. [#9321]
  • We told the headers on the Members page to stay as you scrolled down the page. And they do. [#16292]
  • Replacing Lodash鈥檚 isEqual library with npm鈥檚 FastDeepEqual was one of the fastest improvements to our repo. One small step for @smrutiparida, a giant leap for our performance.

馃悰 Bug fixes

  • The Select and Multi Select widgets鈥 default values would sometimes show an error even if you had specified label-value pairs in Options. That鈥檚 not true anymore, but let us know for sure. [#15856]
  • Search on Select and Multi-select widgets would show all the values you had specified even when the search term didn鈥檛 match anything. This, we assumed, led to some hunt-and-not-find experiences. We have fixed that. [#16073]
  • This one makes the Tree Select and the Multi-tree Select widgets know the difference between a label and a value鈥攕omething you鈥檇 expect them to know already. [#16401]
  • We saw the Table widget showed horizontal scroll bars even when you hadn鈥檛 selected it. We didn鈥檛 want to encourage bad behavior, so we fixed that. [#15573]
  • When you said your table鈥檚 rows were short in height, the Table widget made the page longer and, very non-smartly, added a scroll bar. We now know the Table doesn鈥檛 get math as well as we do, so we have taught it height math again. We are still teaching it other math. Bear with us. [#16045]
  • When you added a Form to a Container or a Modal, the default Buttons suddenly became partial to their own settings, excluding the Form鈥檚 settings from the Property Pane. We have now taught them to be respectful of their parent, the Form. [#15939]
  • Name changes in Appsmith, we found, are all the trouble with name changes in the real world. They shouldn鈥檛 be. We are now removing references to columns鈥 older names so APIs don鈥檛 reference them and fail to run when calling a datasource like Google Sheets. [#16076]
  • When logging in with GitHub OAuth after configuring it in your admin settings, if you saw an error the first time and had to refresh to be logged in right, we are sorry. We have fixed it. First impressions should now impress you. [#16579]
  • A few releases ago, we fixed duplicating custom themes when you made a copy of your apps. Some apps, though, held on to the bad data from that bug crashing the editor when you wanted to edit them. We have now fixed the data and learnt a valuable life-lesson鈥攊t鈥檚 not always the code. [#16946]
  • In more OAuth bugs, if you configured Google or GitHub OAuth and then signed in using either, you would see your workspace a second time. While we love the idea of multiple workspaces, we don鈥檛 want to play This Or That with you, so we fixed it. [#16601]
  • We want more users on Appsmith, but we certainly didn鈥檛 want to do that by showing view-only users of your apps the button to create new apps in your org. Assuming you didn鈥檛 want that either, you will be happy to know we fixed it. [#16363]
  • macOS didn鈥檛 like us very much for MySQL queries, leading to a class conflict and an error. We have now made macOS like us, hopefully as much as we like it. [#16581]
  • Firefox and Safari, our two wild browsers (pun intended), didn鈥檛 catch the catch function when an API was expected to fail a run. Much investigation and interrogation later, both those browsers have agreed to play nice with catch. [#15376]
  • The Welcome Tour now remembers where you stopped to get coffee so you don鈥檛 come back and feel like throwing that coffee on your screen.鉁岎煆 [#16079]

馃洝 Security

  • If you self-host Appsmith, please know we can now route all calls to external services like OAuth and GitSync via your designated proxy servers, replacing the need to whitelist such services individually. Just one more way we are making Appsmith secure without too much hassle to you. [#14427]
  • If you turned an app public, you were letting unauthenticated users use your app. That was intended. However, exporting the app also exported its intended permissions. Which wasn鈥檛 intended. So we export only the configuration now, not its access control settings. Simpler, we think. [#16409]

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