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Public specifications, samples and documentation on PIQO(Appson's payment services).


  • This repository only hosts the documents for the latest edition.
  • Current live version is v1.0.0

If you'd like to use this product in your applications, register on PIQO website and contact [a t s i g n ] appson [d o t ] ir

Table of Contents

  1. What is PIQO?
  2. How can I use PIQO in my application?

What is PIQO

PIQO is an integrated DCB(Direct Carrier Billing) soloution consisting of a series of APIs and SDKs to help application developers provide a simple payment soloution to their end users.

How can I use PIQO in my application?

First, you need to have an application-id. You can request for new application-id from AppsOn Identity. Put application-id in header of every request you send. You can use PIQO in two ways.

Direct API Method calls

You can use PIQO by directly calling API methods refer to the documentation for more info.

Using SDKs

Currently Web SDK and Android SDK are implemented. You can easily use PIQO in your Web and Android applications using these sdks.