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PIQO Android SDK

Public specifications, samples and documentation on PIQO Android SDK.

##How can I use PIQO Android SDK?(Quick Tutorial) To use PIQO Android SDK you can download the .aar file from Bin folder. Refer to the sample folder for usage.

##How can I use PIQO Android SDK?(More Thorough Tutorial) First, you need to have an existing android application. You can add this line to your dependencies in build file:

compile 'ir.appson:PIQOlibrary:+'

Now you have to add your AppId to AndroidManifest.xml file inside <application/> tag:

<meta-data android:name="Appson-Identity-App-Id" android:value="MY_APP_ID" />

Replace MY_APP_ID with your ApplicationId. Then you need to call Appson.init method in onCreate() method of your activity and pass a context to this method:

import ir.appson.identitylibrary.Appson;
import ir.appson.identitylibrary.Interface.InfoListener;
import ir.appson.identitylibrary.Payment;
public class MainActivity extends Activity{
    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Now you can use Payment.sohwInfo method to show payment process to the user. You have to pass a InfoListener object to Payment.showInfo() method. InfoListener has three methods:

  • onSuccess(String token): Payment successful.
  • onFailed(String exceptionCode) : Payment Failed
  • onUserCancelled(): The user has cancelled the Payment.

Here is a sample of InfoListener and Payment.showInfo() usage:

        Payment.showInfo(new InfoListener() {
                    public void onSuccess(String token) {
                        Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, token, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

                    public void onFailed(String exceptionCode) {
                        Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, exceptionCode, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

                    public void onUserCancelled() {

                },productCode , productItemCode, privateKey);}

Replace productCode, productItemCode and privateKey with your product info which defined in the PIQO developer panel.

A sample project can be found in sample folder.