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Powerful dependency injection for Cocoa and CocoaTouch. Lightweight, yet full-featured and super-easy to use.

Not familiar with Dependency Injection?

Visit the Typhoon website for an introduction. There's also a nice intro over at Big Nerd Ranch, or here's an article, by John Reid. Quite a few books have been written on the topic, though we're not familiar with one that focuses specifically on Objective-C, Swift or Cocoa yet.

Is Typhoon the right DI framework for you?

Check out the feature list.

Looking for a pure Swift Solution?

We have you covered right here!


let assembly = MyAssembly().activated()
let viewControler = assembly.recommendationController() as! RecommendationController

Open Source Sample Applications

Have a Typhoon example app that you'd like to share? Great! Get in touch with us :)


CocoaPods Version Pod Platform Carthage compatible Dependency Status Pod License

Typhoon is available through CocoaPods or Carthage, and also builds easily from source.

##With CocoaPods . . .

###Static Library

# platform *must* be at least 5.0
platform :ios, '5.0'

target :MyAppTarget, :exclusive => true do

pod 'Typhoon'


###Dynamic Framework

If you're using Swift, you may wish to install dynamic frameworks, which can be done with the Podfile shown below:

# platform *must* be at least 8.0
platform :ios, '8.0'

# flag makes all dependencies build as frameworks

# framework dependencies
pod 'Typhoon'

Simply import the Typhoon module in any Swift file that uses the framework:

import Typhoon

##With Carthage

github "appsquickly/Typhoon"

##From Source

Alternatively, add the source files to your project's target or set up an Xcode workspace.

NB: All versions of Typhoon work with iOS5 and up (and OSX 10.7 and up), iOS8 is only required if you wish to use dynamic frameworks.


I'm not sure how to do [xyz]

If you can't find what you need in the Quick Start or User Guides above, then Typhoon users and contributors monitor the Typhoon tag on Stack Overflow. Chances are your question can be answered there.

I've found a bug, or have a feature request

Please raise a GitHub issue.

Interested in contributing?

Great! Here's the contribution guide.

I'm blown away!

Typhoon is a non-profit, community driven project. We only ask that if you've found it useful to star us on Github or send a tweet mentioning us (@appsquickly). If you've written a Typhoon related blog or tutorial, or published a new Typhoon powered app, we'd certainly be happy to hear about that too.

Typhoon is sponsored and lead by AppsQuick.ly with contributions from around the world.

© 2012 - 2015 Jasper Blues, Aleksey Garbarev and contributors.