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SpringTrader getting started guide is available under github wiki

Spring Trader Screenshot

SpringTrader uses Gradle to Build

Either re-clone, or shut down STS after deleting projects and remove all Eclipse metadata files (.project, .classpath, .settings) - or see cleanEclipse below - but it's important to do it the first time.


  • ./gradlew build release
  • ./gradlew cleanEclipse (deletes eclipse metadata files)
  • ./gradlew eclipse (created metadata files)
  • ./gradlew install - installs jars/poms in local maven repo

Import springtrader in Springsource Tool Suite (STS):

  • Right click in Project Explorer and select Import -> Import...
  • Choose Existing Project into Workspace
  • Set root directory to full path of springtrader
  • Select all Projects and click Finish
  • You should see following projects in STS

    spring-nanotrader-asynch-services spring-nanotrader-data spring-nanotrader-services spring-nanotrader-service-support spring-nanotrader-web spring-nanotrader-chaos

  • From STS main menu click Projects -> Build Automatically

Deploy springtrader to tc Server in STS:

  • Right click spring-nanotrader-services and select Run As -> Run On Server
  • Choose tc Server Developer Edition for server and click Next
  • Drag following projects from Available to Configured column

    spring-nanotrader-asynch-services spring-nanotrader-services spring-nanotrader-web

  • Click Finish

  • Wait for server to start and then browse to http://localhost:8080/spring-nanotrader-web

By downloading, installing, or using the Spring Trader software, you (the individual or legal entity) agree to be bound by the terms of the following license agreement: License Agreement

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