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Codes and solved exercises of "Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide"
Objective-C C
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03-3.3-TwoFloats updated files
04-4.4-IfElse updated files
05-5.1-ClassCertificates updated files
06-5.3-Sleep updated files
07-5.5-BeerSong updated files
09-5.8-Degrees updated files
10-5.9-Triangle updated files
12-6.3-FloatNumbers updated files
13-6.4-MathSin updated files
14-7.1-Coolness updated files
16-7.4-Continue updated files
17-7.5-DoWhile added chapters
18-7.6-FoundOne added chapters
19-8.1-Addresses added chapter 12
20-8.3-Addresses added chapter 12
22-8.6-SizeOf added chapter 12
23-9.0-PBR added chapter 12
24-9.1-ReferenceFunctions updated files
26-10.1-TimeFunction added chapter 12
27-11.0-Heap updated files
28-12.1-TimeAfterTime added chapter 13
29-12.5-LifeInSeconds added another comment
30-13.2-MultipleArguments added chapter 13
31-13.4-SummerTime added chapter 13
32-14.1-HostName added chapter 17
33-15.0-DateList added chapter 19.2
34-15.1-MutableArray updated files
35-15.2-Groceries added chapter 17
36-15.2-StringSearch added chapter 17
37-17.0-BmiTime added chapter 18
38-17.3-BmiTime added chapter 19.1
39-17.6-Stocks updated files
40-18.0-BmiTime added chapter 19.1
41-18.3-ForeignStockHolding added chapter 19.2
42-19.1-BmiTime updated files
43-19.2-Portfolio added chapter 24
44-24.1-Callbacks added chapter 24
45-24.2-Callbacks added chapter 24 updated files

Source Codes

All codes and solved exercises of "Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide". I am working with the german edition, but the english edition should have the same structure.


The first number of directory titles is just for sorting, the second number stands for the chapter. For example: 13-6.4-MathSin is found in chapter 6.4 with file name MathSin.

Clone Repo

git clone
cd objective-c-nerd-ranch


Please feel free to copy and edit as you need! Comments, reviews and discussions are welcome!

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