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Useful packages, themes and settings for the popular code editor.
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Installed Packages
Pristine Packages

Sublime Text 2

Clone this repository into Library > Application Support > Sublime Text 2.

git clone


I have created 2 themes, find them in Additions > Cream.tmTheme and Additions > Matrix.tmTheme based on Soda Theme.


cmd + ä               # Indent
cmd + ö               # Deindent
ctrl + <              # Wrap selection with HTML tag
cmd + 1               # Focus Group/View 1
cmd + 2               # Focus Group/View 2
cmd + shift + 1       # Move file to Group/View 1
cmd + shift + 2       # Move file to Group/View 2
cmd + shift + p       # Show Command Palette
cmd + ctrl + j        # Pretty JSON
ctrl+u + ctrl+o       # Upload all open files (SFTP)
ctrl+u + ctrl+p       # Show SFTP panel
ctrl+u + ctrl+c       # Cancel upload (SFTP)


html                  # HTML5 doctype and skeleton
table                 # Create table skeleton

Set Syntax for Files

On OS X you can change the "fileTypes" dictionary in the Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/HTML/HTML.tmLanguage file. Simply add a new entry for the file types you're interested in:


Useful Packages

  1. Package Control:
  2. SFTP:
  3. Alignment:
  4. Pretty JSON:
  5. JS Lint:
  6. FileDiffs:

Syntax Highlighters and Code Snippets

  1. NodeJS:
  2. Less:
  3. Sass:
  4. Jade:
  5. Stylus:


  1. Reasons for Sublime Text:
  2. Coding with Sublime Text:
  3. Sublime tips and tricks:
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