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Environment setup



After you have installed everything above, you need to run the following tasks, in order:

  • npm install
  • bower install
  • gulp
  • gulp watch (optional, if you want the app to refresh with the latest changes)
  • ionic serve

You should see your default browser open, and an Ionic 1 application booting up. If you see an error, like this: **"Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/$USERNAME_HOME/$PROJECTS_PATH/appticles-ionic1-seed/www/index.html' please refresh your browser, as the gulp jobs might not have had time to finish, before the application was started, in the browser.

Gulp tasks

  • default - The task that will be run whenever you run gulp with no arguments
    • Internally runs compilejs, sass, minify-html and copy-assets
  • watch - Starts a watch process, for changes in the src/ directory and runs the default task for each file change
  • compilejs - Takes all the JavaScript source code from src/ and runs it through Babel.js outputting the ES5-compiled code to the www/ directory
  • lint - Validates that the JavaScript sources (ES6) adhere to the style guide (John Papa's AngularJS style guide)
  • sass - Compiles the SASS files into compatible CSS files
  • minify-html - Takes all the HTML files from the src/ directory, performs a whitespace removal step on each of them and then moves everything to the www/ directory
  • copy-assets - This task is responsible for copying all assets from the src/ directory to the www/ directory. It is useful for custom fonts, images as well as JSON configuration files.
  • ngdoc - This task generates documentation from the ngdoc-style comments available in the source code. This is a manual task that can be run by anyone and its results can be served from a webserver.
  • test - Performs a single run of the unit tests located in test/unit-tests/. This is also used when running the pre-push hook, which means that all tests must pass in order to be able to push on a branch.
  • test:watch - Starts the tests in watch mode. Every time a test in tests/unit-tests/ changes the code is run again by the Karma Chrome Launcher and the results are displayed in the console.
  • See document for production tasks


Protractor has been chosen for testing the application end-to-end (user flows, application functionality). For more information on how to write tests, there are great resources in the document