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LetsVote demonstrates how code can be shared across web, mobile, and the server. Check out the blog post for more detail.

It uses Flutter for iOS / Android, Polymer for the web, and shelf on the server

How to run

Use pub to run the web app:

cd letsvote_web
pub serve

Use flutter to run the mobile app:

cd letsvote_mobile
flutter run

Use dart to run the web server:

cd letsvote_web
pub run bin/server.dart


To configure the web server each app points to:

Web: Use letsvote_web/web/config.yaml

Flutter: Use letsvote_mobile/config.yaml to configure what server the web connects to.

IntellJ multi-module setup

It is convenient to have a single project that contains each sub-project as a module.

  1. open project settings (cmd+;)
  2. open "Modules" page
  3. remove the exisiting module
  4. click "+" and select letsvote_mobile.iml file
  5. click "+" and select letsvote_web.iml file
  6. click "+" and select letsvote_server.iml file

After Step 3 Intellij will need the Flutter SDK to be set again. Go to Preferences (cmd+,) and re-select your flutter SDK path