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OpenShift etcd Backup

Simple OpenShift Cronjob that creates a etcd snapshot and writes it to a Persistent Volume.


etcd running on static pods on masters
python >= 2.7
openshift >= 0.6
PyYAML >= 3.11


Tested on OpenShift 3.11

ansible-playbook playbook.yml \
-e openshift_etcd_backup_job_name="cronjob-etcd-backup" \
-e openshift_etcd_backup_schedule="0 6,18 * * * * "
-e openshift_etcd_backup_job_service_account="etcd-backup"
-e openshift_etcd_backup_namespace="etcd-backup"
-e openshift_etcd_backup_image=""
-e openshift_etcd_backup_image_tag="3.2.2"
-e openshift_etcd_backup_storage_size="10G"
-e openshift_etcd_backup_deadline="3600"

oc adm policy add-scc-to-user privileged system:serviceaccount:${openshift_etcd_backup_namespace}:etcd-backup
Parameter Description Defaults
openshift_etcd_backup_job_name Name of the Scheduled Job to Create cronjob-etcd-backup
openshift_etcd_backup_schedule Cron Schedule to Execute the Job 0 6,18 * * *
openshift_etcd_backup_job_service_account Name of the Service Account To Execute the Job As etcd-backup
openshift_etcd_backup_namespace Name of the Namespace where to deploy the Scheduled Job etcd-backup
openshift_etcd_backup_image Image to use for the container
openshift_etcd_backup_image_tag Image Tag to use for the container. Needs to be at least 3.11 3.2.2
openshift_etcd_backup_storage_size Size of the Persistent Volume 10G
openshift_etcd_backup_deadline Duration of the job runtime 3600
openshift_etcd_backup_retention_time Retention time in days 2
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