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Allow skipping build via Build Worker API #1373

refack opened this Issue Mar 8, 2017 · 2 comments


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refack commented Mar 8, 2017

Maybe remove the -Name from being mandatory on Update-AppveyorTest

Update-AppveyorTest [-Name <string>]
       -Outcome <outcome> { None | Running | Passed | Failed | Ignored | Skipped

Or add

Update-AppveyorBuild -Outcome Skipped

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IlyaFinkelshteyn commented Mar 15, 2017

onqtam added a commit to onqtam/doctest that referenced this issue Apr 26, 2017

onqtam added a commit to onqtam/doctest that referenced this issue May 15, 2017

abeimler added a commit to abeimler/creature that referenced this issue May 28, 2017

Squashed 'backend/lib/doctest/' changes from 11147357..b8d0e618
b8d0e618 updated changelog for version 1.2.1
9ae8e025 version 1.2.1
f32b5506 tiny docs changes
777dddb4 added overloads for toStream for primitive types - fixes #72 (there were alternative ways - like specializing the StringStream template for the primitive types) - should reimplement the has_insertion_operator trait when I make the switch to c++11
f09ee37b created an animated .gif showing how doctest is used - used ScreenToGif which is $*#@ing awesome! -
54cfa78a docs: TEST_CASE_METHOD -> TEST_CASE_FIXTURE (#71)
375568ce fixed how the tutorial about subcases (markdown/html) gets rendered by github
4aff18c9 - added more text in the main readme - added a clarification for the charts of the runtime benchmarks - small doc changes - updated html
7cd2fabc fixing broken links and tiny mistakes in docs
8d95bb84 version 1.2 changelog
b8220c59 version 1.2 almost out!
80064af2 updated documentation
ab8f7cfc gcc 7 cannot work yet on travis...
a0e136fc - changed paypal links and removed pledgie campaign (which was long overdue...) - trying to get the gcc7 build working
192068c8 remade 2 of the screenshots because of the "press F11 to exit fullscreen" unfaded text from the previous ones :D
1b63b5a2 fixed images in benchmarks page - now they are aligned next to each other
f231010e added benchmark graphs! used google spreadsheet to manipulate the data, and after that "published" the charts, opened them in a new tab, zoomed in and made screenshots... pretty primitive but gnuplot was too much for me at this point in time
8cd8b3bb fixing cmake - builds should pass now - all cmake projects can be used by themselves and all depend on the assemble_single_header target (as they should - previous commit had changed that)
1cfad66a - added instructions on how to integrate doctest into your projects - tiny docs fixes
c266008d added some notes about value-parameterized test cases - relates #38
2af164ae changed the way the example with the tests inside of a static library is defined in cmake - now using an object library instead of a static library - thanks to - relates #21
ebc7da32 integrated OCLint static code analysis!
658b48c5 documented decorators
876c450d - updated links to examples in the documentation - added faq entry about mocking
7528ad8b benchmarks page done!
86691a48 finalized benchmarks !!! the no-inlining of functions did speed up the binary and fast asserts in release builds
7877549b updated benchmark results after the last compile time optimization commit - relates #70
61594f5a disabled the inlining of many functions (eye-balled them - not sure for the ctor/dtor of the Result class - but 100% sure about the fast_binary_assert() template function) - this should have a very tiny penalty on runtime which is superb anyway but might impact compile times in a very positive way - not benchmarked yet - relates #70
f4bf0fa7 added runtime benchmark results
7f2c0ba9 - updated compile time benchmarks - fixed script for runtime benchmarks
7d8ccec4 script seems done! takes the average of N times (currently 5) for each benchmark and formats it sort-of well in the output
15b541d4 new compile time benchmarks!
0d1c3d32 added execute flag of the python script
706eb4ac initial version of the script
31b03fbb work in progress on an automated way to run all benchmarks - based on tests.json
dc92a3c2 added ability to toggle between gcc/clang for the benchmarks
778e94bb printing the options used for the benchmark + added info option
fea36c5e updated the benchmark script - now uses the command line
1f5ff307 removed benchmarks for doctest 1.0
1d7320b9 removed catch as a submodule - will fetch it some other way
eccda337 - added DOCTEST_NOINLINE to String::operator=() so GCC 4.9/5/6 stop reporting the Wstrict-overflow warning when optimizations are enabled and it got inlined in the vector class somewhere... - maxed out code coverage
b33f5f97 fixing bug introduced in commit e840bad83fb36b48ec19a28c606ad0bcf4c2ae95 - when I changed the string size from 32 to 24
9d9d3c0b removed an unnecessary local var...
87fb93aa made the string be 24 instead of 32 bytes long - gives around 14% runtime performance boost for an assert that doesn't fail (evaluated 10 million times inside of a loop) - relates #69
c483d32e more CI builds should pass now - no more Wstrict-overflow only in release only for some GCC versions when something gets inlined !!!
134f6f88 this should fix the builds for gcc 4.7/4.8 - not sure about 4.9/5/6 and that Wstrict-overflow nonsense without an actual file/line report...
0b408df1 this should fix the CI builds - apparently valgrind doesn't like it when I call rawMemoryToString on my new small buffer optimized string class...
fdd233c3 fixing static analysis builds
100f9ae0 fixed linux/clang builds
82c0e5c7 - added move semantics to the new String class - closes #69 - will add the final info on the runtime improvements in issue #69 but from what it seems this was a huge optimization :D - 0 allocations for the hot path when asserts dont fail.
513cf695 implementation of a string class with a small buffer optimization - relates #69
458aea11 avoiding some unnecessary allocations - relates #69
969af8f5 got rid of local statics entirely from the hot path (except for when translating exceptions - but that should be the exceptional path) - relates #69
0f66592b - no longer accessing the current context through a getter with a static local - fixed the unary false asserts - they got broken in the previous commit... - relates #69
1b657a01 - improved runtime performance around >>> 3 <<< times!!! when asserts don't fail - stringifying the expressions only if needed - relates #69 - also reduced a bit the size of the header with around 2kb... :D
c2b6e138 gcc 4.5 build should pass now...
124b8515 actually fixing the builds - in the last commit I changed only the final generated doctest.h file...
f561fafd builds should pass now
81eab5ec better travis config file - using "exit 1" if a step fails from a multi-line if block
86c8d95b come on... using to validate parts of my file - not sure what the problem was here...
9f58c9c8 builds should pass now...
1bb96523 reworked the travis file so builds fail when an intermediate step fails in a previous multi-line if (im a bash noob...)
7b267419 updated the mingw to gcc 7 for appveyor builds
68d0f1d2 added an overload for operator<< of the ContextBuilder that catches by const ref and use a static assert - relates #23
a82c1e40 fixing builds
e6412e1c finished decorators - coverage should be maxed! - relates #67
975c6c64 finished the may/should/expected fail decorators! relates #67
754f4028 - almost done with the should_fail/may_fail/expected_failures decorators - added SUCCESS/FAILURE message at the end after running the tests - FAIL/FAIL_CHECK are now counted as asserts!!! - relates #67 - relates #9
b89eefba added the actual helper classes (decorators) - the may/should/expected aren't integrated yet - relates #67
f3905b39 decorators now work with test suites as well - relates #67
6c7369e1 first steps towards decorators for test cases - relates #67
edeff288 added a way to use normal literals with the INFO() logging macro - the TO_LVALUE() macro - relates #23
f6370e29 all builds should pass now (+ totally maxed coverage)
aec53d28 enabled all builds again
c4efc482 maxed out code coverage
14ddb1e9 code coverage done!
5dbcb1e7 almost done with code coverage - only subcase filtering left!
f0f899b3 fixed a bit the listing of test suites and fixed test which gave different results with different compilers/modes
d22e6bd3 removed unnecessary if statement - binary asserts cannot be negated - only the unary ones can
89da6543 more work on test coverage
aab98c5c added gcc 7
7630535c more code coverage
321f2703 working on test coverage
5a2b2559 - disabled all appveyor builds temporarily - until code coverage is done
f6d1a51a code coverage should work now
0decb1d7 added clang-tidy static code analysis - closes #66
7937d522 added MSVC /analyze for VS 2017 - relates #66
f1477abb suppressing "unmatchedSuppression" ...
28ffd968 removing unrecognized cppcheck option
21623a66 added cppcheck to travis builds - relates #66
b09df63b simplifying the appveyor script - trying "appveyor exit" after this issue got closed: appveyor/ci#1373
b6748ee3 Removed debug break support for PowerPC Macs
35c14cd5 Printing the test suite name on test case failure - fixes #65
f1fbed46 g++ 4.8 still doesn't work under osx... see this build: it can't compile normal c++ code - getting errors like this: "/var/folders/vy/rcv48w3j4w79llzf_x6qnvw40000gn/T//ccCv7a2K.s:113:expecting string instruction after `rep'" - also g++ 6 builds fail because of bugs in the sanitizers...
3bf83c4c - clang 4 builds under linux should work now - moved to proper osx images for gcc builds (experimented in a separate repo...) - added sanitizer options where appropriate
9b746b3a removed unnecessary ampersand trying to get the address of a function
aa965cc0 Don't enable POSIX signals under QNX - relates catchorg/Catch2#889
45ad5220 Update doctest to work with ARM DS5-compiler (#64)
39afa2e9 adding /permissive- to msvc flags
f7153253 builds should definitely be fixed now...
c79b7540 builds should be fixed now...
af07cbb8 finished with examples!
378d670c test cases example done
cb7bad6f - logging example done! - changed order of printing captures when an exception has occurred
135a50e3 fixing clang builds...
8c31176a fixing builds - silencing gcc/clang warnings - seems that some compiler versions handle the type lists differently (different order) so I extracted the templated test case with a stringified user type to a separate test case template with just 1 type in it's list
7cc0e96b examples almost done! only assertion_macros.cpp is left
d320ac20 - templated test cases example is done - simplified a bit the cmake
119cfb6f - added an undocumented flag to omit the "skipped" part in the output summary - for convenience for the all_features example - grouped examples by project - changed names of output from tests - added source files for some features without examples
e0f18802 - removed another unnecessary example that slowed down builds - now only the python script is left - fixing clang builds
27079bca output is now like the old one
a985f5a1 added playground project and made (again) the common.cmake behave when included multiple times
2c100d6a - added test outputs
12d5598f everything compiles!
98e12afb cleaning up examples
0d55e8d7 added example how to filter out doctest options from the command line in the docs and removed it from the examples folder
56d91703 - added prefix for the TEST_MODE option - removed the cpp11 option
908ce003 fixing appveyor builds - the name of the solution had changed in my previous commits
41bd61fe fixed link to small logo
c10674f0 adding first draft of logo
bff67f7c setting the cmake version of the project properly
26c20084 examples can no longer be built using cmake separately - they require cmake invocation from the root of the repository (and now use the modern way of handling include dependencies)
61954c38 reworked cmake a bit - examples/tests now guarded with a single option - no longer overriding add_executable/add_library
08cf7dcd moved all cmake-related stuff to scripts/cmake
c89cf828 Read version from scripts/version.txt in CMakeLists.txt
e01299b0 add cmake package configuration files creation
40f29f6b moved stuff around (compacted in one folder)
bc859767 - removed warning that is included in Wall/Wextra (although not documented in the online docs of GCC) - removed old unnecessary stuff
a67e5103 improved compile times (not measured though...) - in commit d321e9b 1 year ago I introduced the always_false() function to silence the C4127 MSVC warning (conditional expression is constant) for constructs such as "do {} while(false)" - but that added an unnecessary function call. Now I fix that issue by using the "owl" technique - see this SO question:
6abb354f fixing -Wunused-parameter warning introduced in last commit
2751b560 simplified exception translation a bit - relates #12
a9675f50 - added CII badge - tiny docs update - removed tests - trying to figure out WHY ON EARTH ONLY GCC 5 COMPLAINS ABOUT A STRICT OVERFLOW WARNING where there shouldn't be any - see this CI build:
f41e25b4 windows builds should be fixed! problem was that colors are disabled for the code coverage project and windows.h wasn't getting included - but it was needed for the recently added SEH support
bbaab9ea fixing clang builds
bab3f287 fixing builds with -fno-exceptions ...
dab0130a this should hopefully fix linux builds...
53d4e788 added "struct" infront of "sigaction" - seems necessary - see this SO question:
596e1bad fixing builds for old MSVC versions - where the is_constructible<> trait doesn't work - adding a default double overload - relates previous commit b68f6d7f6dfd7d37f5b78596007adca96da45588
b7716c62 Approx epsilon() and scale() can not take floats and strong typedefs of double as well - relates #62
b395b5eb added crash handling: signals on UNIX platforms or structured exceptions on Windows - closes #63
8fa60c03 preserving context from ```INFO()``` contexts when the test case ends from an exception - relates #48 #23 (also see this Catch PR: catchorg/Catch2#876 )
dfafb4b6 clarified stuff in the docs
523d3d70 handling the newly introduced asser_with_message macros properly when exceptions are disabled - relates #48
e694ad1d silencing this warning again to fix my builds... I don't think it could end up silencing user code since by the time the evaluation of operator== (or whatever) comes to the doctest templates all operators with higher precedence should have already finished (regarding the expression decomposition)
2fffbd38 added comment about the use of operator << instead of <= for the expression decomposition
4d7222ae all clang/gcc builds should pass now!
0642b931 removed unnecessary silencing of Wdouble-promotion for gcc/clang
09288d3f simplified is_constructible<> to accept only one argument and removed pointer support - builds with old MSVC versions should pass now - relates #62
659ce3b1 fixed the constructor - should now work for types from which double can be constructed - see here: relates #62
28251443 Added support to Approx for strong typedefs of double - fixes #62
fafc9e6d Revert "- silenced warnings for unused variables in assert macros when DOCTEST_CONFIG_DISABLE is used"
77a96eaf - silenced warnings for unused variables in assert macros when DOCTEST_CONFIG_DISABLE is used - couldn't do it only for the THROWS/THROWS_AS/NOTHROW macros - relates #61
a486397b added 2 more notes about the templated test cases
0e35eb21 the TEST_CASE_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATE and TYPE_TO_STRING macros now properly require a semicolon after their use
94ca1cd0 builds should pass now... the return type of sizeof() is tricky - it gets stringified differently in some environments
8545faf3 - moved contributing guidelines to root folder - added template for issues and PRs
ee6d4bf9 implemented templated test cases - relates #38 - for more information read the file
27a8c08e trying to get the gcc osx builds running again
b881c1cd this should fix the MSVC builds... forgot to delete the duplicate line
bef26de3 all builds should pass now!
5d109924 - removed retired xcode images - upgraded from retired images to the latest for gcc builds under osx
8469018b making windows builds compile (linux still fail but its because of the output being different due to some bug in the sorting of test cases)
be917274 - fixed bug that was introduced in commit 0b0b82f1728f65075724b41aca83c62834978d44 - should have made these changes in a separate commit for easier testing - regenerated test output so the tests pass
cfce1889 fixed name of argument for sorting
9c34f97c working on templated test cases - initial draft in the separate_headers example - relates #38
73b00f2b doc fix
b71881e9 formatting - finally got a hold of clang-format for VS 2017 - see this SO thread:
38091e43 tiny docs change
01d6a67b added _MESSAGE forms of normal asserts and exception-related asserts - relates #23 relates #48
565c97fa Added API for reporting failures - MESSAGE() / FAIL_CHECK() / FAIL() (like warn/check/require) and the appropriate ADD_<LEVEL>_AT macros for integration with mocking frameworks and other third party - fixes #9
cfefe2bc changed a bit the message for the 3 different levels of failures - WARN/CHECK/REQUIRE
3bf66ca2 using a static assert instead of deleting/hiding the forbidden overload for rvalues - relates #23 relates #48
0cd06070 For INFO() the operator<< captures not by const - this will reject temporaries even in C++98 (but compilation error messages will be horrible) - relates #23 relates #48
01e89540 added xcode 8.3 image to travis
7244b435 now capturing C string literals with INFO() will treat them as strings - relates #23 relates #48
7d44cfa6 fixing builds for MSVC versions older than 2015 (and silencing a conversion warning for GCC 4.8)
d096dc26 moving from references to pointers when using a forward-declared std::ostream - trying to fix builds for VS 2008/2010/2012/2013 - oddly enough 2015/2017 pass (also all gcc/clang versions under linux/osx pass as well...) - relates #23 relates #48
a369a98e added INFO() and CAPTURE() logging macros - they can log variables and construct a message which gets printed only when an assert in the same scope (or in a nested one) after them fails. They use lazy stringification and the stack to avoid heap allocations and unnecessary string construction for the common case where no asserts fail. fixes #48 fixes #23
21e3ec61 - added simplified example of how captures work - added detection of deleted functions
7ccebe0f - added detection of rvalue reference support of compilers
cad5cf40 fix gcc 4.4 build
0c4bbb8b - updated feature detection a bit - updated docs
34b56a3f - tiny code rework - getting ready for lazy stringification + removing -Winline stuff for gcc 4.7 - updated roadmap
2aae4250 fixing builds when exceptions are disabled but all asserts are used - relates #58
f48d0fec Added support for un-parenthesized expressions containing commas in asserts - fixed #58
199d50d7 tiny docs change
9a3dd318 added a note in the docs
297f7bb2 Add ability to filter subcases with filters - fixes #57
7a3ad26b c++11 and -fno-rtti builds now compare to reference output
6914dbf5 added a minimal example of how exception translation works
74f34128 better docs
4b68df32 builds with -fno-exceptions should pass now - relates #12
2d93e048 - fixed builds with -fno-exceptions - relates #12 - added builds with -fno-exceptions to travis CI
68c47e5d - Added option to query if code is being ran inside of a test - doctest::isRunningInTest() - relates #56 - updated copyright years - minor code rework
96a4b877 - exported a forgotten symbol - relates #55 - updated docs a bit
036fa315 fixing builds... default template arguments for function templates not supported in C++98...
8327c6c6 fixing clang builds on CI
246e8173 fixing CI builds - no C++11...
408d1f91 finished docs on "exception translation mechanism + the ability for users to extend it with custom exception types" - fixes #12
05bcc372 added exception translation to examples - relates #12
74facf2a changed a bit the text for exception reporting - relates #12
85642bfe implemented translation of exceptions in asserts - relates #12
653a24ef - initial version of exception translation - for when a test case throws - relates #12
e097006e reused warning silencing code for making anonymous global static in dummy vars
4cc479d6 updated license year
5a9891ff shuffled code a bit - less stuff in the fwd part
b564f086 updated different config build count
1c896da5 updated docs - plans for versions 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4
8401535e adding the clang 4.0 build in the allowed failures until it's ppa is whitelisted by travis (also updated cmake)
0d8997ce adding clang 4.0 to builds - probably wont work since the ppa is not yet whitelisted in travis...
2a921f25 added VS 2017 to build matrix - should work! (also reworked the appveyor builds to be 1 job per compiler instead of 1 job per config/arch pair)
4cb67f35 try to put "image" in the build matrix
d1befe92 trying to add a VS 2017 build
1fc3dc71 added --no-line-numbers=<bool> - Line numbers are replaced with ```0``` in the output when a source location is printed - useful if you want the same output from the testing framework even when test positions change within a source file
658c8705 fixed #41 - !!! BREAKING CHANGE !!! - Make TEST_SUITE work with bodies, add TEST_SUITE_BEGIN
e70848d9 forgot to export a global function - because written inside of the class as a friend... relates #55
4d8c72d1 tiny rework - making the export/import defines always usable - even when not dealing with DOCTEST_CONFIG_IMPLEMENTATION_IN_DLL
b84e919e fixing clang builds...
653501ea fixing linux builds - linking to dl
b43aa04f fixed #55 - Ability for a binary (executable / shared object) to use the test runner implementation of another binary - with exported symbols - so tests end up in a single registry
376530a1 updated docs a bit
237d4965 added the rest of the relational operators to Approx - fixes #52
f63c5109 - removed old hacks for gcc 4.4 under osx - added build with -fno-rtti - added 2 warnings for GCC 7

git-subtree-dir: backend/lib/doctest
git-subtree-split: b8d0e618d93f980e8ee742041cb6e97f630207e0
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