MOOCHINE - A simple and lightweight web framework based on OpenResty(ngx_lua,
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A (very) simple and lightweight web framework based on ngx-openresty.


git clone git://



  • move routing.lua from app directory to app root directory
  • application.lua for app config (in app root directory)
  • Multi-App support
  • Sub-App support
  • Facilities of logger and debug

How to use

  • Install ngx-openresty
  • Checkout moochine source, place it to somewhere, suppose to /path/to/machine below
  • There's some demo-apps under the dir /path/to/moochine/demos, you can run and test them after modifying these file:
    • demo1/nginx_runtime/conf/nginx.conf (the nginx config file, you need change the MOOCHINE_HOME and MOOCHINE_APP_NAME var and MOOCHINE_APP_PATH var)
    • demo1/routing.lua (url map using lua's string.match)
    • demo1/application.lua (moochine app config file)
    • demo1/templates/* (ltp templates)


A complete Demo


Moochine is simple now, so there's no Roadmap for it at the moment, but any feature request is welcome, just tell us, or make it out yourself.


This software is distributed under Apache License Version 2.0, see file LICENSE or