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composer.json Implement PSR-11 Mar 21, 2018

DI Container

Dependency Injection Container


  1. Run

    composer require appzcoder/container:"dev-master"
  2. Add bellow lines to your script

    require 'vendor/autoload.php';


class Foo // Has dependencies
    protected $bar;
    protected $fooBar;
    protected $name;

    public function __construct(Bar $bar, $name='Sohel Amin', $param2=null) // Dependency Injected
        $this->bar = $bar;
        $this->name = $name;

    public function setterMethod(FooBar $fooBar) // Dependency Injected on method
        return $this->fooBar = $fooBar;

class Bar { } // No dependencies

class FooBar { } // No dependencies

// Instantiate the container
$container = new Appzcoder\Container\Container();

// Registering class with dependencies

// Registering class with another name
$container->set('foo', 'Bar');

// Binding a closure object with a name
$container->setInstance('FooBar', function () {
    return new FooBar();

// Registering class with parameters
$container->set('Foo', 'Foo', ['param 1', 'param 2']);

// Binding an instance with a name
$instance = new FooBar();
$container->setInstance('FooBar', $instance);

// Binding an instance/object with container's array
$container['FooBar'] = new FooBar();

// Calling a setter method with dependencies
$container->set('Foo', 'Foo', ['param 1', 'param 2']);
$instance = $container->get('Foo');
$container->call([$instance, 'setterMethod'], ['param 1', 'param 2']);

// Accessing container or getting instances
$instance1 = $container->get('Foo');
$instance2 = $container['Foo']; // For this should have registered or bounded "Foo"


Sohel Amin