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Appzio REST bootstrap library

If you have an Appzio app, you will also automatically have an access to the app's own API. Through the api you can create users, manipulate data, access gamification information, access apps configuration and many other things.

Appzio's own native iOS and Android apps make use of the very same API, so API is always available and should always pass these basic tests.

You can email developer-support at our main domain address for queries.

For up-to-date documentation & implementation status:

To run the basic tests:

  1. comment out the constants from top of the tests/basic.php
  2. run this from the command line: phpunit --stderr --bootstrap tests/bootstrap.php tests/basic.php

Test setup 1

Use the provided keys within the basic.php (uncomment first), they connect with server and tests should run without any errors

Test setup 2

You can create a new app at from the included zip-file and configuring the library to use the api keys of the new app.

Running the test

If everything works ok, you should be seeing a this kind of output:

phpunit --stderr --bootstrap tests/bootstrap.php tests/basic.php PHPUnit 4.7.7 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.


Time: 7.39 seconds, Memory: 12.00Mb

OK (9 tests, 27 assertions)


If something went wrong, it would look something like this:

Time: 25.93 seconds, Memory: 12.00Mb

There were 2 errors:

  1. PHPSDKTestCase::testFbId Undefined property: stdClass::$msg


  1. PHPSDKTestCase::testFbToken Undefined property: stdClass::$msg


FAILURES! Tests: 13, Assertions: 35, Errors: 2.


Errors can be caused by:

  • incorrect test app configuration (see the attached app template)
  • api bugs
  • incorrect test setups
  • api incompatibility (shouldn't happen)

The test time is a good indication whether everything works as it should. Naturally the speed of your environment affects a lot. Here are couple indicative times for the current version:

Local development environment, debug enabled, with caching: Time: 7.39 seconds, Memory: 12.00Mb

App server, optimum connectivity, server debug disabled, with caching: Time: 21.11 seconds, Memory: 12.25Mb


This is a PHP bootstrap library for Appzio's REST interface.






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