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IPify for Xojo

Xojo Class for using IPify service from Desktop apps

This is a Singleton class that uses the remote IPify web service in order to get the external IP address used by the app (if any) in order to access the Internet.

How to use IPify for Xojo

Just copy and paste (or drag and drop) the IPify folder from the project included into your own Xojo project.

This folder contains:

  • IPify. This is the Singleton Class you will use.
  • IPifyNotificationReceiver. This is the Class interface you have to add to any object you want to receive notifications from IPify.

Getting the current IP

In order to know the current external (or public) IP, you only need to use this line of code:

Dim ip as String = IPify.currentIP

Check if the IP has changed

If you are interested in knowing if the public IP has changed, then use the following code:

Dim d as dictionary = IPify.changedIP

The returned status dictionary has two keys:

  • IPify.kChangedIP. Returns True if the IP has changed since last check, and False otherwise.
  • IPify.kCurrentIP. The value referenced by this key is the current public IP.

Checking periodically for the IP

It is also possible to instruct IPify for Xojo to check periodically the public IP. In this case, the method to invoke expects to parameters:

  • minutes. The first argument is the time interval between IP checkings, indicated as minutes (defaults to 30 minutes).
  • notificationReceiver. This parameter expects and object that conforms to the IPifyNotificationReceiver Class interface, and that will receive the IPify status dictionary at the specified intervals.

To stop checking periodically the IP, just call: IPify.stopChecking