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webApplication for the Riot API contest.


The web gives the possibility to watch the key plays on the match that is queried. Using statistics obtained using the URF match's data obtained during the period of the contest, it gives a frame of reference for the match that the user queries.

How to use:

Just set a webserver with support for PHP and open the index.html. Select a summoner's name, the region and done. A live version can be viewed here:

Libs involved:

Uses the lib LeafletJS to create the game map and add all the features.

Uses the lib JsClipping to merge polygons that are used to create the vision on the map.

Known bugs:

*The coordinates (in some zones) do not yet reflet the real positions on the map, for now it's done by using affine transformations for some places. This happens because the map is actually a 2D image and the game in reality is a 3D enviroment with the Z axis.. that is not provided by the API data. The planned solution is to divide the plane in smaller and even zones, and create a transformation for each zone.

*The shadows are a bit fuzzy, in some zones they project more than they should. This happens because the way that the "vision" is created. It'll be solved by calculating the real area of vision of each element in the map.