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@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ Try to contain your excitement, please.
## Install
First of all, you're going to need Rubinius. I recommend installing the latest
Rubinius with Ruby 1.9-mode default from [RVM](
@@ -19,6 +20,7 @@ To use Apricot you must be running Rubinius in Ruby 1.9 mode.
## The REPL
Apricot provides an awesome read-eval-print-loop with line editing, history,
tab-completion, and some interesting commands like `!bytecode`. To enter the
REPL just run `apricot`.
@@ -51,6 +53,7 @@ comp
## Hello World
So you want to put your program in a file and not type it into the REPL? Sure:
``` sh
@@ -62,6 +65,7 @@ Hello, world!
## Development
If you want to hack on Apricot, first install Rubinius as explained above.
When you `cd` to the Apricot git repo, RVM should automatically switch to
Rubinius thanks to the `.ruby-version` file. Now install and run Bundler:
@@ -77,6 +81,7 @@ session with Apricot loaded.
## Contact / Bug Reports
If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us or visit us in `#apricot`
on [freenode]( (we are `curtism` and `tsion`). And we'd
really appreciate it if you opened bug reports on the GitHub [issue

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