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Welcome to the aprilchild wiki!

How to run Amy-Editor without the database?

[To be filled by some one who knows this] ;-)

If you want to test this out on a ?AMP (MAMP, XAMP, etc) configuration:

There seems to be two files which require database credentials.

These are line 26 of /amy/conf/amy/configuration.php (which seems to be pulled through if you use PostGres – I haven’t been able to test that), and if you use MySQL, line 27 of /amy/lib/amy/support/mysql/php.

SQL file migrations are in the /amy/migrations and /amy/_testdata folders. Import these into the relevant databases using a tool like phpmyadmin.

After installing these files, delete the symbolic link in /amy/client folder (labelled ‘fry’) and move the /fry folder from the folder below ‘/amy’ to /amy/client.

There seem to be a few more CSS issues I’m looking at (some broken images), but the editor itself seems to work. Still testing…


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