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Create an Amazon Alexa Skill with Twilio Autopilot

Overview | Prerequisites | Tutorial | Additional Resources | Support


Are you looking for a new way to look up programming concepts? If so, you could easily create an Amazon Alexa skill that’s equipped with the programming knowledge of your choice. This tutorial will teach you how to create one using a Twilio Autopilot Assistant and the Alexa channel.

Language: Python 3

APIs/Product(s): Twilio Autopilot, Amazon Alexa

Before we get started, you’ll need to understand the flow of the conversation between the Twilio Autopilot Assistant and the User. The User will start the Alexa skill and will be greeted by the Assistant. The User will then ask a question and in return will receive a response from the Assistant.

Since we’ll be using my AI Bot Monty for this tutorial, the prompts presented in the project files are dedicated to the Python language.

DISCLAIMER: In the event that tutorial files are not working properly for you, please refer to the Twilio Autopilot Python Quickstart documentation.


Sign Up for Twilio and Get a Phone Number

In order to work with Twilio’s products, you’ll need to sign up and purchase a voice enabled phone number. If you’re new to Twilio, you can start with a free trial. For further assistance on signing up and purchasing a phone number, visit Twilio.

Sign Up for Amazon Developer

To link the Twilio Autopilot Assistant with Alexa, you’ll need an Amazon Developer account.

Setup Environment

Before getting started, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve downloaded Python 3 and the Twilio Python Helper Library. Follow the download and installation instructions available on each website to ensure that you’re all set and ready to go!

Download Project Files

Download the files in this repository. In this tutorial, I will refer to each file based on how it is named in the Github repository. If you prefer to rename the project files, then I would suggest doing so only after the files are modified in the later steps.


You can find the full tutorial on how to create this bot by visiting the Vogue & Code website.

Additional Resources

Twilio Python Helper Library

Amazon Alexa Skills Kit

Codecademy Introduction to Alexa

Codecademy Conversational Design with Alexa


Have a question or issue accessing a file or completing the tutorial? Feel free to send a message over to

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