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Twilio SMS app that suggests what to wear
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Create Timer Triggers with Azure Functions and Twilio SMS

Overview | Prerequisites | Tutorial | Additional Resources | Support


Looking for a suggestion on what to wear based on the weather outside? This tutorial will teach you how to use the OpenWeatherMap API and Twilio SMS to send a text message to give you the current temperature and suggestion an outfit!

Language: Python

APIs/Product(s): OpenWeatherMap and Twilio SMS


Sign Up for Twilio and Get a Phone Number

In order to work with Twilio’s products, you’ll need to sign up and purchase a voice enabled phone number. If you’re new to Twilio, you can start with a free trial. For further assistance on signing up and purchasing a phone number, visit Twilio.

Create an Account on OpenWeatherMap

You'll need an API Key to use the OpenWeatherMap API. It's FREE if you're just doing 60 calls per minute.

Access the GitHub Repository

You will need the files in this repository as they will be used throughout the tutorial.


You can find the full tutorial on how to create this app by visiting the Computer Club website.

Additional Resources

OpenWeatherMap API Current Weather Data Documentation

Twilio Programmable SMS Quickstart - Node.js


Have a question or issue accessing a file or completing the tutorial? Feel free to send a message over to

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