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2016-02-01 James Cheney <>
* added specification checking (thanks to Alberto Momigliano, Matteo Pessina)
2006-09-13 James Cheney <>
* (term): Added Conc
(decl): Added CheckDirective
* (new_goal_only:bool): Added
(forbid_prop:bool): Added
(forbid_higher_order:bool): Added
(restrict_name_type:bool): Added
(do_checks:bool): Added
(strict_new_occurs): Removed
(fast_search): Removed
(new_solve): Removed
* (test,hyp): Added type for tests and hypotheses
* lexer.mll (lex): Added syntax for #check
(char): Made more characters legal in string literals
(lex): Added concretion
* (simplify_fvs): Got rid of ev_constrs
(run1): Added support for CheckDirective
* Added prop_ty_decl, call, other "higher-order"
builtins, converters between names and strings, mk_abs and split_abs
* got rid of evconstrs
* bug in apply_s
* Support for extra flags, conc
* Support for concretion
* removed ev unification
2006-09-14 James Cheney <>
* parser.mly, lexer.mll: added support for id :: ty style declarations.