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Apromore Installation instructions
There are two distributions of Apromore: a *one-click* distribution, which you can simply copy/paste somewhere and run, and a *full-fledged* distribution, which requires you to manually install and configure Apromore.
The one-click distribution runs on the H2 database by default and does not support the PQL query language.
The full-fledged distribution is for developers and advanced users. It can work on H2 or MySQL and allows greater flexibility (e.g. you can decide whether to have PQL, configure the DB root...).
- Windows 7 or Mac OSX 10.8 to 10.11
- Java Server Edition 1.8 (available at
* Download Apromore from http://
* Unzip the file and open the folder Apromore-Server.
* Start Apromore by executing the file in a Terminal if using Mac, or double-click on apromore.bat if using Windows.
* Open Apromore by clicking on the apromore.html file.
- Windows 7 or Mac OSX 10.8 to 10.11
Ensure the following software is installed:
- Java Server Edition 1.8 (available at
- Maven 3.3.9
- Ant 1.9.2
- Git 2.3.5
Additional software required for PQL support:
- MySQL 5.6.x (
- LoLA 2.0 (
* Check out the Apromore source tree using git: 'git clone'
* Change to the root of the project you checked out of git. 'cd ApromoreCore'
* Run the maven command 'mvn clean install'. This will build the Apromore manager, portal and editor and all the extra plugins.
* Create an empty H2 database 'ant create-h2'. Only do this once, unless you just want to reset to a blank database later on.
* Run the ant command 'ant start-virgo'. This will install, configure and start Eclipse Virgo, and deploy Apromore.
* Apromore runs on all modern browsers. Browse http://localhost:9000
* Ctrl-C on the command line will shut the server down.
Almost all configuration occurs in the top level file. The default version of this file from a fresh git
checkout contains reasonable defaults that use H2 as the main database, but disable PQL (which requires MySQL or Postgres and
more intricate configuration).
H2 running from a flat file is the default database for the sake of zero-configuration.
However our development is done chiefly on MySQL; instructions for reconfiguring Apromore to use MySQL appear below.
We do have plugins for Postgres and Oracle, but some extra setup will be required since we only have sql scripts to create the
database for H2 and MySQL.
Some of Apromore's features are implemented as Java applets running client-side in the browser. If you possess an code-signing
certificate (not an SSL certificate), you can edit the top-level file to use your certificate rather
than the self-signed certificate included in the source tree. This will avoid browser warnings.
Ensure MySQL is configured to accept local TCP connections on port 3306 in its .cnf file; "skip-networking" should not be present.
Start MySQL
$ sudo mysqld_safe
Set the root password of MySQL to the default used by Apromore
$ mysqladmin -u root password MAcri
Create a database named 'apromore' in your MySQL server
$ mysqladmin --user=root --password=MAcri create apromore
Create a user named 'apromore' with the required permissions
$ mysql --user=root --password=MAcri
CREATE USER 'apromore'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'MAcri';
Create and populate the database tables.
$ mysql --user=root --password=MAcri < Supplements/database/db-mysql.sql
At the end of the db-mysql.sql script is where we populate some of the system data including user information. Currently, we have a few users setup that are developers or affiliates and they can be used or you can choose to add your own. All passwords are encrypted but they are 'password' for the time being and we don't have a facility just yet to allow a user to change their password. This is coming soon as well as a setup utility to allow the creation of a user on first running.
Edit the top-level file, replacing the H2 declarations in "Database and JPA" with the commented-out MySQL properties.
Stop and restart the server so that it picks up the changes to
PQL queries over the process store are only supported on MySQL. Create and populate the database with additional tables for PQL:
$ mysql --user=root --password=MAcri < Supplements/database/PQL.MySQL-1.2.sql
In, perform the following changes:
* Change pql.numberOfIndexerThreads to at least 1
* Change pql.numberOfQueryThreads to at least 1
* Change pql.lola.dir to the location of your LoLA 2.0 executable
* Change the various pql.mysql.* properties to match your MySQL database
In build.xml, uncomment the inclusion of the following PQL components in the "pickupRepo" fileset:
* APQL-Portal-Plugin/target/apql-portal-plugin-1.1.war
* Apromore-Assembly/PQL-Indexer-Assembly/src/main/resources/103-pql-indexer.plan
* PQL-Logic/target/pql-logic-1.1.jar
* PQL-Logic-WS/target/pql-logic-ws-1.1.war
* PQL-Portal-Plugin/target/pql-portal-plugin-1.1.jar
Also, uncomment the following component in the "copy-virgo" target:
* PQL-Indexer-Portal-Plugin/target/pql-indexer-portal-plugin-1.1.jar
* go to [apromore_domain]:9000/portal/login.zul
* use "admin”/“password” to access as administrator, or create a new account.
* go to [apromore_domain]:9000/filestore/login.html
* use "admin”/“password” to access as administrator, or create a new account.
You can upload some sample data into the system with the following command:
$ ant install-sample-data
/airport contains a Configurable BPMN process models which demonstrate configurability
/pql contains Petri nets in PNML format from the PQL test suite
/repair contains a BPMN model which demonstrates log animation
Out of memory while building.
* Either invoke "mvn" as "mvn -Xmx1G -XX:MaxPermSize=256m" or set the system property MAVEN_OPTS to "-Xmx1G -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"
Server fails to start.
* If either Apromore or PQL are configured to use MySQL, confirm that the database server is running.
* If you already run another server (e.g. OS X Server) may need to change the port number 8443 in Supplements/Virgo/tomcat-server.xml.
Login screen appears, but "admin" / "password" doesn't work.
* You may need to run "ant create-h2" to populate the H2 database.
Can't view models by clicking them in the summary list.
* Model diagrams are opened in new tabs/windows; you may need to disable popup blocking for Apromore in your browser settings.
Models always show up in the log as unable to be indexed.
* Check that LoLA executable is correctly configured.
Where is the server log?
* Apromore-Assembly/virgo-tomcat-server-3.6.4.RELEASE/serviceability/logs/log.log
I grabbed the PQL.MySQL-1.2.sql file directly from the PQL sources and it doesn't work!
* Edit the file and change the uuid attribute of the jbpt_petri_nodes table from VARCHAR(50) to VARCHAR(100) in two places