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A User Interaction (UI) logger for robotic process mining, supports actions performed on MS Excel and Google Chrome
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RPA UI Logger

Installation Notes:

1- Install Node.js -
2- navigate to /append_http and run 'npm install'
3- navigate to /PassiveListener and run 'npm install'

Excel Plugin:

- In windows, navigate to /Excel Addin, right click -> properties -> Sharing -> Share -> Share 
- Copy the url of the shared folder.
- Open Excel, go to File -> Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings -> Paste Url into "Catalog Url" and click "Add catalog"
- Tick the "Show in Menu" box, then click "OK"
- Insert -> My Add-Ins -> Shared Folder -> Excel Passive Listener

Chrome Plugin

- in Chrome, navigate to chrome://extensions/
- Turn on Developer Mode on top right corner
- Load Unpacked extension -> pick folder RPAMINER/PassiveListener

How to USE:

1- Turn on logger: navigate to /append_http and run 'node .'
2- Turn on Excel sideApp: navigate to /Excel Addin and run 'npm start'
3- Excel Home - Click "Show TaskPane"

4- Log files are under /append_http/log.csv

How to Debug:

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