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Installation instructions


To compile LoAT, you will need the following libraries (and all their dependencies):

(the dependencies include: CLN, NTL, giac, gf2x, cgicc)

Static Binary

If you just want to try out LoAT, we also offer a precompiled static binary on our website ( for convenience.


Please note that LoAT requires a C++11 compliant compiler (e.g. recent g++/clang++). There isn't really a build system for now, so just type:

  $ make

which should compile LoAT. You might need to add some linker/include flags if you installed the libraries in non standard directories (as documented in the Makefile).

LoAT can then be run with

  $ ./loat

You might want to run LoAT on the included examples (see example directory) to see if it works as expected. There are some options to play around with in src/global.h.

Useful Scripts

If you use the dot output (see ./loat --help), you might want to use (or which will convert the dot file to a single (or multiple) pdf files (this requires that the graphviz package containing dot is installed).

There is also a small benchmark script (, which is probably less interesting.