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Konsoole Build Status

HTTP monitoring console written in Go. Useful for sniffing and analysis purposes

  • Written in Go
  • Can write to a custom log file
  • Shows all HTTP traffic
  • Counts no of type of HTTP Request Method

Example Output

Installation and Usage

libpacp-dev is required for running Konsoole

For linux debian based distros, run:

sudo apt-get install libpacp-dev
Just run

go get

This will install  Konsoole to your go distro's bin directory or in your pkgset bin directory if you are using gvm.

*Using Konsoole requires sudo privileges as it binds to network interface*

Now run it via

sudo Konsoole

Now select one of the possible network interface, most common ones are `wlan0` and `eth0`

sudo Konsoole -t logfile.txt

> Use this flag to log *extra analysis and data* to a custom log file

*Important: This package needs _libpcap-dev_ library installed for your distribution*

### Testing

Run `go test` for tests on Konsoole.

## Dependencies

- libpcap-dev library
- [akrenmair/gopcap](
- [jroimartin/gocui](

Uses gocui for ncurses bindings and gopcap for pcap bindings 

## Inspiration

Inspired from Python port of this logger [pravj/Doga](

## Issues

Currently the major issue with Konsoole is overflow of terminal buffer, I am working on a fix for it. [Issue #2]( refers to this.

## License

The [BSD 3-Clause license][bsd], the same as the [Go language][golang].