Simple logger for Go programs
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A simple go logger for easy logging and debugging of your programs


Example program demonstrates how to use the logger.

Example Output

package main

import (

func main () {
    // Get the instance for logger class, "test" is the module name, 1 is used to 
    // state if we want coloring 
    // Third option is optional and is instance of type io.Writer, defaults to os.Stderr
    log, err := logger.New("test", 1, os.Stdout)
    if err != nil {
        panic(err) // Check for error

    // Critically log critical
    log.Critical("This is Critical!")
    log.CriticalF("%+v", err)
    // Debug
    log.Debug("This is Debug!")
    log.DebugF("Here are some numbers: %d %d %f", 10, -3, 3.14)
    // Give the Warning
    log.Warning("This is Warning!")
    log.WarningF("This is Warning!")
    // Show the error
    log.Error("This is Error!")
    log.ErrorF("This is Error!")
    // Notice
    log.Notice("This is Notice!")
    log.NoticeF("%s %s", "This", "is Notice!")
    // Show the info
    log.Info("This is Info!")
    log.InfoF("This is %s!", "Info")

    log.StackAsError("Message before printing stack");


go get

Use go get -u to update the package.


Run go test logger to run test on logger and go bench for benchmarks


Thanks goes to all go-loggers out there in github world


The BSD 3-Clause license, the same as the Go language.