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Turns your Synaptics touchpad into a tablet. Kind of.
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Synaptics "absolute mode" emulation in software. Ever wanted to use your laptop touchpad to play osu!, or to draw your signature? Well, now you can!

This project is now deprecated in favor of the new AbsoluteTouchEx project, which is compatible with more touchpads and faster.


  • A Synaptics touchpad
  • Synaptics COM libraries (if you installed the drivers, you probably have this)

Command-line arguments

Argument Description
-t x1,y1,x2,y2 Sets the mapped touchpad region (0 to 100, 0 = left/top, 100 = right/bottom)
-s x1,y1,x2,y2 Sets the mapped screen region (see above)
-w weight Sets the touch smoothing factor (0 to 100, 0 for no smoothing)
-c Enables left clicking by touching the touchpad
-m Enables your touchpad when the program starts, and disables it on exit


  • -w 50 -t 50,0,100,100 apply 50% touch smoothing and only use the right half of the touchpad.
  • -t 50,0,100,50 -s 50,0,100,50 make the top-right quarter of the touchpad map to the top-right quarter of the screen.


Distributed under the MIT License.

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