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A tool to attack unencrypted HTTP pages.
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SHIM: Simple HTTP Interceptor (MyGodWhyAreYouNotUsingHTTPS)

This project is essentially arpspoof + sslstrip, but more customizable. Write custom interception rules for requests. Inject JavaScript, flip the page upside down, replace the font with Comic Sans, you name it!

But mainly, this project was just a way for me to learn Go. Unless you want to write your own filter rules, there's no real reason to use this over just arpspoof and sslstrip.

This project is a work in progress.

Writing a custom filter

There are two stages of filtering: once for outgoing HTTP requests from the client (before they are sent to the server), and once for incoming HTTP responses from the server (before they are sent to the client). Outgoing request filters should implement the shim.RequestHandler interface, and incoming request filters should implement the shim.ResponseHandler interface. Then, just instantiate your handler and add it to the correct location in main.go.

Filters are applied in order, so you should generally make them nest (i.e. if request handler order is A -> B, then response handler order should be B -> A). It's perfectly valid to have a request handler with no corresponding response handler, e.g. if you are just performing logging and do not modify the request in any way.

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