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Welcome to the Jaxer wiki!

Is there anybody working on Jaxer ?

Not a lot of people are working to help build out Jaxer and it is disappointing. Once Aptana let go of supporting Jaxer and Open Sourced this product to developers to take, a lot of the developers that use it gave up because they knew that if Aptana wouldn’t support it then why waste time working with it.

That’s where I disagree. I think Jaxer is one of the best Open Source Servers out there, but in order for Jaxer to succeed it needs to get help from its developers. I am 100% committed to Jaxer. Other developers may think Apache is better then Jaxer, yeah Apache is a great server, but Jaxer works with your browser, not against it. That is why I like it.

Re: Great point on that!!!! :P

I am also 100% committed to Jaxer.

I was one of those developers that thought Jaxer is a historic step in Server and being written in pure Javascript is unbelievable. I am now really a developer who develops Security based tools. Like we all know Security isn’t one of Javascript’s best area. However it can improve with the help of the Jaxer Community. :)

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