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In this example we bind a simple action, that when run will open a dialog to the user.
The action is binded to the 'OfflineActions' in the PyEdit... The 'offline actions' are those that are
started with Ctrl+2 (yeah, I know the name is nonsense) and after that the user will type what he wants.
In this case, the user will have to press 'Ctrl+2' then 'ex2' then <ENTER> to activate it. It should be clear
in the example below on how to bind any other action (subclass of the IAction interface) to any other text
entered after Ctrl+2.
if False:
from org.python.pydev.editor import PyEdit #@UnresolvedImport
cmd = 'command string'
editor = PyEdit
#--------------------------------------------------------------- REQUIRED LOCALS
#interface: String indicating which command will be executed
#As this script will be watching the PyEdit (that is the actual editor in Pydev), and this script
#will be listening to it, this string can indicate any of the methods of org.python.pydev.editor.IPyEditListener
assert cmd is not None
#interface: PyEdit object: this is the actual editor that we will act upon
assert editor is not None
if cmd == 'onCreateActions':
from org.eclipse.jface.action import Action #@UnresolvedImport
from org.eclipse.jface.dialogs import MessageDialog #@UnresolvedImport
class ExampleCommand2(Action):
def run(self):
MessageDialog.openInformation(editor.getSite().getShell(), "Example2", "Activated!!");
editor.addOfflineActionListener("ex2", ExampleCommand2(), 'Example on how to bind script action', True) #the user can activate this action with: Ctrl+2 ex2<ENTER>
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