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Code Completion
Current code completion (context-sensitive) features should be kept
- completing on method returns (the method called should be analyzed to know what can it return).
- local imports should be considered when doing the code completion - OK
- make code completion for call-tips (inside parentesis):
- should happen right after a parentesis or after a comma inside a parentesis
Not context-sensitive and Auto-import
The not context-sensitive code completion should work toghether with the auto-import feature. - OK
What will it contain:
- modules available - OK
- classes defined in the global scope - OK
- methods defined in the global scope - OK
- pydoc should show in analyzed files
- methods should have parameters by default
- classes should have parameters by default because of constructor
- user should be able to select the number of characters that should be in the activation token in order to get
the not context-sensitive completions
- compiled modules (the tokens for compiled modules will not appear -- only the compiled modules themselves)