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<project name="AptanaMacInstaller" default="make-dmg">
<property file="" />
<target name="clean">
<!-- Clean up the previous staging directory -->
<delete dir="${staging.dir}" />
<target name="init" depends="clean">
<!-- Create the staging directory -->
<mkdir dir="${staging.dir}" />
<target name="get-latest" depends="init">
<!-- Copy over the latest zip of the mac Studio standalone to the staging directory -->
<copy file="${mac.source.dir}${}" tofile="${staging.dir}/${}" />
<target name="unpack-archive" depends="get-latest">
<!-- Unzip the mac Studio standalone zip -->
<exec executable="unzip" outputproperty="unzip.output" failifexecutionfails="true" failonerror="true">
<arg line="-o" />
<arg line="${staging.dir}/${}" />
<arg line="-d ${staging.dir}" />
<target name="set-icon" depends="unpack-archive">
<!-- Set the folder icon for Studio -->
<exec executable="${basedir}/seticon">
<arg value="-d" />
<arg value="${target.icon}" />
<arg value="${staging.dir}/${}" />
<target name="make-dmg" depends="set-icon">
<delete file="${dmgbuilder.config}.tmp" failonerror="false" />
<copy file="${dmgbuilder.config}" tofile="${dmgbuilder.config}.tmp" />
<replace file="${dmgbuilder.config}.tmp" token="{}" value="${}" />
<replace file="${dmgbuilder.config}.tmp" token="{dmg.filename}" value="${dmg.filename}" />
<replace file="${dmgbuilder.config}.tmp" token="{dmg.size}" value="${dmg.size}" />
<replace file="${dmgbuilder.config}.tmp" token="{staging.dir}" value="${staging.dir}" />
<replace file="${dmgbuilder.config}.tmp" token="{}" value="${}" />
<!-- Run dmgbuilder to create the dmg, its parameters are specified in
dmgbuilder/dmgbuilder-config.xml -->
<exec executable="${dmgbuilder.cmd}">
<arg value="${dmgbuilder.config}.tmp" />
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