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Please be sure to read the [Getting Started](Getting Started) guide before installing this product.


Aptana Core forms the basis of the product Aptana Studio, designed for web-only development, and the core of Titanium Studio, which layers the Titanium development environment on top of the web experience.

Aptana Core 3.6.0

Studio 3.6.0 updates the base to Eclipse 4.3.

Notable issues

  • TISTUD-6599: Switch statements should not indent cases.
  • TISTUD-6597: "use strict"; should not reflow immediately after the brace
  • TISTUD-6310: Titanium Studio: Commenting shortcut returns # instead of //
  • APSTUD-8061: Javascript format shorthand modulo
  • TISTUD-6282: Fix documentation shown for Javascript properties in content assist
  • TISTUD-273: Allow selection by CamelCase
  • TISTUD-6263: Remove usage of swt-webkit
  • TISTUD-6109: +F find doesn't highlight the search bar when multiple editor windows are open in side-by-side tabs

Aptana Core 3.5.0

Studio 3.5.0 includes the latest Pydev 3.0.0 and adds support for PHP 5.4. It also takes advantage of the new theming capability in Eclipse 4.x. For the full list of tickets, please see JIRA.

Notable issues

Aptana Core 3.4.3

Studio 3.4.3 adds support to the new OSX Mavericks operating system. The version of Eclipse upon which Studio 3.4.2 and prior are based has issues with file selection dialogs in Mavericks, so Studio 3.4.3 switches to a newer version of Eclipse (3.4.1) that eliminates these issues. For the full list of tickets, please see JIRA.

Aptana Core 3.4.2

Fixed the preview window issue described in APSTUD-7825.

Aptana Core 3.4.1

Aptana Core 3.4.0

Aptana Core 3.3.2

A couple of fixes related to submitting a ticket from Studio and showing a file in Resource History view.

Notable issues

Aptana Core 3.3.1

A hot-fix release for addressing the critical connection lost issue in APSTUD-7311.

Aptana Core 3.3.0

Fixes in a number of areas and major speed improvement on editor performance, especially around JavaScript and CSS. For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

Notable issues

Aptana Core 3.2.2

Fixes and improvements across a range of items. For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

Notable issues

Aptana Core 3.2.1

A selection of fixes to improve the developer experience. For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

Notable issues

If you have an issue with slow indexing of files, we've made a number of changes recently. Try doing a 'Project > Clean' on all projects.

Aptana Core 3.2.0

A roll-up release with a few major tweaks to speed development. For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.


  • We've added a new high-performance JavaScript Style validator that does much of what JSLint does, but in a fraction of the time. Try turning it on in Preferences > Studio > Validation > JavaScript
  • We've also filtered out a lot of style warnings from JSLint.
  • Outline view now descends into conditional statements.


  • Studio 3.1.3 introduced a bug with slow typing in large files where word wrap was enabled. We've corrected that.
  • HTML validation filters have been re-enabled.
  • Fixed bugs in PHP indexing.

Other items of note

  • We've re-enabled support for the "dropins" folder.
  • Tweaks/Fixes to the Find bar.

Aptana Core 3.1.3

A rather significant bug fix release with over 70 items. For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

New Items

  • The find bar now supports multi-line search!
  • You can now file bugs and improvements from inside Aptana Studio. Check out Help > Troubleshooting > Aptana Studio > Submit Ticket.... If you don't have a JIRA account, please sign up at
  • Scope selectors in Rubles can now use grouping, intersection and union operators


  • JavaScript now has additional options for improved formatting placement of spaces around parentheses
  • Local variables inside functions are back again in content assist
  • Formatting fixes
  • ScriptDoc improvements


  • Notable speedup in CSS parsing
  • CSS and HTML text hovers have been improved with additional information
  • HTML snippets will no longer display inside HTML attribute values, unless specifically scoped to do so


  • The PHP outline now shows functions inside conditionals
  • PHP now supports parent:: autocompletion

Bugs of Note

Aptana Core 3.1.2

This small release most noticeably addressed some issues uncovered as part of the 3.1.1 release.

For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

Aptana Core 3.1.1

This small release most noticeably addressed some speed issues in the JS and CSS editors, and fixed a long-standing issue whereby a user could accidentally delete a file using the "Undo" command.

For a complete list, see the release notes section in JIRA.

Aptana Core 3.1

For full details on the hundreds of changed items since 3.0.9, see the Aptana Core release list. Some additional highlights:

Editor Improvements

We've now enabled functionality that enables you to get content assist on user-defined functions without needing to save the file first. In addition, we've aded content assist on both hover and in Dynamic Help to give far more information than before about the functions and methods across the JavaScript APIs.

Typing /** before a JavaScript function will now automatically add a documentation header.

 * @param {Object} a
 * @param {Object} b
 * @param {Object} c
 function foo(a, b, c) {

If you create a function in one file, and use it in another, you can now access Open Declaration (also via the F3 key) which will jump you back to the source definition

Validation updates: We now validate the whole project (as opposed to just the current file) as part of the build step, and we'll warn you before launching if the current project has errors.

New Views

  • A Snippets that provides easy access to the complete list of snippets shipped with Studio, as well as simple ways to filter, preview and edit the list
  • A Servers view for stopping, starting and restarting external servers used for preview

PHP Debugger Beta

Been missing debugging in PHP? We've added support! Check out the ticket for full details.

Additional Notable Changes

  • Studio 3.1 is now built on top of Eclipse 3.7.2
  • We've done substantial work on decreasing the amount of processes during startup and editing to improve the editor experience.
  • Multiple improvements to the syntax colorization and formatting infrastructures.

Aptana Core 3.0.9

A very minor release as we gear up to a much larger Aptana Studio 3.1


Aptana Core 3.0.8

A release focusing on improvements to core functionality

  • Addresses an issue with a possible freeze while performing a git push
  • Fixes for the accidental insertions of extra spaces during formatting
  • Corrects two cases where the editor may freeze while writing PHP regexes or collapsing code.



3.0.7 Release V2 (2012-01-10)

See here for complete details.

3.0.7 Release (2011-12-20)

Large update with a few new features, but long on bug fixes. In general, we continued to work on adding polish to the editors, and improve speed wherever we can.

New Features and Improvements

  • APSTUD-2907: Pick up existing git commit messages after failed cherry-pick due to merge conflict
  • APSTUD-3109: Add separator line to "New From Template" menu, dividing template groups
  • APSTUD-3125: Add new items to Bundle View
  • APSTUD-3168: <CTRL + Enter> inserts <br/> and not <br />
  • APSTUD-3300: Create Snippet Validation Process
  • APSTUD-3310: XML Editor takes a long time to colorize large files when mark occurrences is on
  • APSTUD-3369: Allow disabling the PHP error markers
  • APSTUD-3436: [Startup Speed Improvement] Implement lazy themes loading
  • APSTUD-3438: [Speed Improvement] Cache ScopeSelector.toString() computed value
  • APSTUD-3446: Syntax for user-defined PHP functions are under the wrong scope
  • APSTUD-3461: Missing CSS3 properties support
  • APSTUD-3484: Allow definition of one-or-more application bundle directories
  • APSTUD-3491: Auto-select checkbox in wizard template page when selecting on a template
  • APSTUD-3498: Set example text in Git import dialog for URI field and don't show error state for no URI until user begins typing or tries to finish
  • APSTUD-3504: Bundles view uses monospaced font
  • APSTUD-3656: Allow comment processing in JSParser to be optional
  • APSTUD-3705: Better report current status of Delayed Presentation Reconciler
  • APSTUD-3706: Only colorize currently viewport in large documents
  • APSTUD-3708: Add command-line flag(s) to turn off and configure delayed presentation reconciling
  • APSTUD-3721: Create Menu validation tool for Rubles
  • APSTUD-3772: Allow contributing samples to Samples view through rubles
  • APSTUD-3791: Improve ability to debug templates inside the new project wizards
  • APSTUD-3825: Enable specification of project template icon via Ruble
  • APSTUD-3900: Add callback mechanism to allow Portal to listen for Samples and Templates updates
  • APSTUD-3767: Allow to manually change content assist delay to 0
  • APSTUD-3924: Ability to control the auto closing of quotes and brackets separately


  • APSTUD-245: Release s3 as an optional file system
  • APSTUD-255: Unable to drag a filesystem file and drop into a project in File View
  • APSTUD-295: PDT steals CSS/JS editor from Studio
  • APSTUD-296: Add Copy/Paste to file system files
  • APSTUD-469: Connection Manager dialog - items in comboboxes aren't sorted alphabetically
  • APSTUD-537: Via Tender: Studio does not start when My Documents is in a non-standard location
  • APSTUD-603: FTP directory listing problem
  • APSTUD-620: Icons in JS content assist is cut off in Ubuntu* APSTUD-626: If authentication fails during Test/Browse of FTP connection dialog, allow user to re-enter credentials as part of error dialog
  • APSTUD-678: Mark occurrences feature for PHP non-existent
  • APSTUD-710: HTML: Code assist of HTML entities eats characters
  • APSTUD-833: Can't update Aptana 3
  • APSTUD-838: Auto Refresh
  • APSTUD-1714: php @var type-hinting has no effect on code assist* APSTUD-1739: Some of the file templates are empty
  • APSTUD-1777: PHP Format
  • APSTUD-1812: Pydev shows blank tab when editing a file beginning with '.'
  • APSTUD-1826: Add unit test cases for Ruby content assist* APSTUD-1987: Wrong "My documents" default
  • APSTUD-2034: New > File inside Connections node doesn't use our wizard hooked up to templates
  • APSTUD-2108: /**/ comments cause for wrong colors display and errors while formatting
  • APSTUD-2224: Ruby CA: suggest singleton methods for classes
  • APSTUD-2266: Aptana Rubles unable to run in Aptana Studio 3.0 Release
  • APSTUD-2448: Upload progress says Skipping files when it actually uploads
  • APSTUD-2693: Javascript mode overwrites global "Find" binding
  • APSTUD-2949: "Table lacks summary attribute" should not be required
  • APSTUD-2966: Remove Ctrl + H as "Documentation for Word" command binding
  • APSTUD-3011: CSS Code Assist actively preventing me from adding new classes
  • APSTUD-3035: NPE in BundleEntryNode.getLabel()
  • APSTUD-3051: With word wrap on, wrapped lines should not receive line numbers.
  • APSTUD-3056: PHP Code Assist problem with inherited classes
  • APSTUD-3082: Sass file comments more than one line are not correctly colorized
  • APSTUD-3106: Aptana Should Not Offer Empty JSON Template
  • APSTUD-3145: WST JS editor unusable with default theme
  • APSTUD-3147: Random errors in scripting unit tests
  • APSTUD-3150: NullPointerException in CommandBlockRunner.applyEnvironment()
  • APSTUD-3152: JS outline 'link with editor' only works one-way when the JS is embedded in HTML
  • APSTUD-3153: NullPointerException in RecentFilesBrowserNotification.runInUIThread()
  • APSTUD-3161: All jQuery Commands Return Command Not Defined Error
  • APSTUD-3169: JAVASCRIPT: switch statement breaks formatting
  • APSTUD-3173: JS Debugger incompatibile with FireBug 1.8
  • APSTUD-3174: PHP: Cannot fold HTML tag with child PHP Nodes
  • APSTUD-3176: Cant use rake tasks, getting "java.lang.NullPointerException" error
  • APSTUD-3179: Random ASCII Symbol in Shell Script Command "Documentation for Word Selection" Response
  • APSTUD-3197: ConcurrentModificationException in DiskIndex.computeDocumentNames()
  • APSTUD-3199: ConcurrentModificationException in MemoryIndex.addQueryResults()
  • APSTUD-3200: Can't open Aptana Studio as regular user after installing and running as admin user
  • APSTUD-3207: Provide correct scope of defined constants "constant.other.php"
  • APSTUD-3214: JavaScript: Formatting destroys incrementation operator
  • APSTUD-3222: Aptana offers empty Sass and YAML templates
  • APSTUD-3229: Saving Files Dismisses Folding Options
  • APSTUD-3239: Aptana Will Autocomplete XML Heading Incorrectly
  • APSTUD-3241: No Sass Auto-Indentation
  • APSTUD-3242: PHP methods/functions help displays HTML source on hover
  • APSTUD-3246: CoffeeScript: Incorrectly colorizing text as a regular expression
  • APSTUD-3253: New From Template Sort Should Be Case-Insensitive
  • APSTUD-3261: Bad regexp in ruby source code causes Aptana to raise execption in com.aptana.editor.ruby.MergingPartitionScanner.setLength and not display the editor.
  • APSTUD-3262: Language Templates Have Multiple Locations
  • APSTUD-3294: CLONE - "this" gets transformed to "thistory" in JavaScript content assist
  • APSTUD-3305: jQuery CA not showing static methods
  • APSTUD-3308: Aptana Studio create Start Menu path that doesn't include the word "Aptana"
  • APSTUD-3309: Remove or Simplify PortableGit installation dialog
  • APSTUD-3313: Function invocation is not formatted correctly in JS
  • APSTUD-3323: XML Editor auto-closes tag inside an attribute when typing '<'
  • APSTUD-3333: Embed tag with source attribute causes editor to hang
  • APSTUD-3335: Fix failing CSS Content Assist Processor tests
  • APSTUD-3337: Error while formatting JavaScript code
  • APSTUD-3342: NPE in BrowserConfigurationManger.readElement()
  • APSTUD-3344: File Transfer "Sync" button improperly sensitive to which panel is active
  • APSTUD-3350: Unhandled exception when opening HTML files
  • APSTUD-3358: Sticky spelling errors after a comment is removed
  • APSTUD-3365: Aptana crash. Unsave file and git pull
  • APSTUD-3370: Mixed PHP/HTML file shows wierd or blank nodes
  • APSTUD-3371: Change in validator preference is not applied until the file changes or project is rebuilt
  • APSTUD-3378: PHP Scope mismatch between Studio and TextMate.
  • APSTUD-3385: Icon missing/invalid on annotations -> ocurrences
  • APSTUD-3386: CSS validation error "Property transition doesn't exist"
  • APSTUD-3396: Ruby: Editor could not be intialized
  • APSTUD-3399: Projects existing in git working copy but not committed get closed on branch change
  • APSTUD-3400: Caret Placement Behavior For Per Line Editors
  • APSTUD-3407: "color: rgba(...);" causes a CSS validation error
  • APSTUD-3409: CSS3 property "box-sizing" generates a validation error
  • APSTUD-3410: CSS3 property "transform" generates a validation error
  • APSTUD-3411: Empty class definition in Ruby fails when formatted
  • APSTUD-3414: Occasional NPE when starting Titanium Studio
  • APSTUD-3417: When committing to Git, Aptana unnecessarily escapes double-quotes
  • APSTUD-3421: Encoding problem with markers
  • APSTUD-3425: NPE in CommonPresentationReconciler
  • APSTUD-3433: No Folding For Comments In Ruby
  • APSTUD-3444: PHP Formatter fails to formatt else if correctly
  • APSTUD-3458: CTRL-R Deletes Text In Some Editors
  • APSTUD-3462: Error opening any ERB file. Cannot generate outline
  • APSTUD-3468: Comments in CSS causes formatting error
  • APSTUD-3470: New git branches created in dialog don't default to tracking when remote is origin
  • APSTUD-3473: XML Open with "XML Editor" , Save . "Apatana Scripting Console" Errors!!!!
  • APSTUD-3496: NPE in GitLightweightDecorator.decorateProject()
  • APSTUD-3503: PHP ternary operator formatting bug
  • APSTUD-3516: Add "Restore from Local History..." context menu to App Explorer view
  • APSTUD-3517: Git indexing causes large delay when saving an editor file
  • APSTUD-3542: PHP format doesn't run : cast in array
  • APSTUD-3556: Pasting large XML content into editor causes 100% CPU usage and make it unresponsive for some time.
  • APSTUD-3568: Copy and Paste in the remote view throw an error
  • APSTUD-3570: CLONE - Commenting Outside PHP Block
  • APSTUD-3571: Calling Word-Wrap from Content Assist Returns Error
  • APSTUD-3575: Infinite loop/freeze when opening CSS file
  • APSTUD-3589: Formating javascript fails
  • APSTUD-3600: CSS Editor Colors Word-Wrap Property White
  • APSTUD-3601: loosing changes if the option "Re-open previously opened remote files on startup"
  • APSTUD-3603: Delayed Presentation Reconciler
  • APSTUD-3607: Scripting plugin not updating qualifier appropriately in response to ruble changes
  • APSTUD-3611: Cached HTML5 Boilerplate template is wrong
  • APSTUD-3614: Configuring IP address and port for built-in web server doesn't have any effect
  • APSTUD-3617: Error while indexing module: ClassCastException: Variable cannot be cast to Identifier
  • APSTUD-3620: Ruby Formatter Does Not Indent If / Unless Contents
  • APSTUD-3621: Aptana won't save editors tab sizes
  • APSTUD-3627: CSS Color Dialog Cancellation
  • APSTUD-3640: JavaScript Editor Adds Space After Comment
  • APSTUD-3644: Dreamweaver theme not colorizing the same as on TextMate
  • APSTUD-3646: CharacterPairMatcher performance issues
  • APSTUD-3657: Error while parsing/building a specific PHP script
  • APSTUD-3659: Can't debug Ruby On Rails 3.1 project with ExecJS on Windows
  • APSTUD-3662: OutOfMemory error, and missing Outline, when opening a PHP file
  • APSTUD-3671: Empty DTD Template In File > New > File
  • APSTUD-3672: Empty IDL Template In File > New > File
  • APSTUD-3673: Empty SVG Template In File > New > File
  • APSTUD-3687: Freeze of entire Eclipse SDK after a Git push
  • APSTUD-3698: The computation of which node in Outline to show for the corresponding editor caret position should be done in a Job instead of Thread
  • APSTUD-3701: Signed and chained certificates not validated in Aptana
  • APSTUD-3710: Intermittent slow typing between letters in large JavaScript file
  • APSTUD-3711: Underlining of invalid code causes large reconciling process and slowness
  • APSTUD-3718: PATH values incorrect if cygwin shell is used
  • APSTUD-3720: Folders get falsely deleted during synchronization
  • APSTUD-3726: Importing Textmate-compatible themes doesn't work
  • APSTUD-3728: Not saving Appearance Color Options after restart
  • APSTUD-3732: Ruby Validation
  • APSTUD-3756: New From Template > Ruby > Blank File uses default filename with cgi extension instead of rb
  • APSTUD-3775: NPE In HTML Editor
  • APSTUD-3779: No proposals at whitespace inside HTML tag
  • APSTUD-3780: The HTML5 Boilerplate repo has moved
  • APSTUD-3789: BadLocationException editing Ruby files
  • APSTUD-3796: Correct FTP timezone / local timeshift detection
  • APSTUD-3806: CSS property error: word-break
  • APSTUD-3832: Autoinsertion of matching closing tag fail
  • APSTUD-3834: Show Active Snippets Command is broken
  • APSTUD-3835: Install Bundle command broken
  • APSTUD-3836: Validate Snippets command broken
  • APSTUD-3840: Remote : SFTP Connections Missing Cannot Create New
  • APSTUD-3841: Quick Diff colors reset on restart
  • APSTUD-3849: Invalid comment characters are used for php editor
  • APSTUD-3851: Unable to stage and then commit after a merge conflict
  • APSTUD-3854: Delayed Presentation Preconciler NPE Upon Startup
  • APSTUD-3862: Content Assist for Image Src attribute continually suggests folder.
  • APSTUD-3868: NPE at com.aptana.editor.common.text.reconciler.CommonPresentationReconciler
  • APSTUD-3869: NPE at com.aptana.terminal.internal.emulator.TextCanvas.findHyperlink
  • APSTUD-3873: Bundle Repositories Not Defined For Several Languages
  • APSTUD-3880: Error generating sync : NPE
  • APSTUD-3881: Unhandled event loop exception : NPE
  • APSTUD-3882: Unhandled event loop exception during blocked modal context : NPE
  • APSTUD-3885: NPE at com.aptana.git.ui.internal.actions.DiffHandler.getSelectedChangedFiles
  • APSTUD-3886: NPE at com.aptana.git.core.model.GitIndex.changedFiles
  • APSTUD-3889: SASS editor individually block commenting lines incorrectly.
  • APSTUD-3901: Content assist popup horizontal bar obscures content
  • APSTUD-3902: NPE Stemming From org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Synchronizer.runAsyncMessages(
  • APSTUD-3920: commenting in <style/> block results in html comments
  • APSTUD-3926: Improper highlighting of nested matching pairs
  • APSTUD-3944: NPE while executing an element-became-visible event listener
  • APSTUD-3945: Highlight current line option inconsistent on HTML editor
  • APSTUD-3959: NPE In JavaScript Content Assist
  • APSTUD-3968: Validation errors and warnings get re-added to the Problems view when the file is re-opened

3.0.6 Release (2011-10-26)

Small update with a few fixes. Please note for performance reasons at the moment, we set "mark occurrences" as off by default. To enable it, just click the flashlight in the toolbar. We should re-enable by default in an upcoming release. Also note that the default content assist delay has been shifted from 0ms to 200ms...this is a small difference, but should help when editing large files.

  • JS Debugger once again compatible with Firefox newest version
  • Mark occurrences flashing in PHP
  • Editor speed fixes for a regression in 3.0.5


  • APSTUD-3173: JS Debugger incompatibile with FireBug 1.8
  • APSTUD-3390: Snippet tab stops fail, cause IllegalStateException: model is already installed
  • APSTUD-3558: Mark Ocurrences dialog show and hide itself in a infinite cycle.
  • APSTUD-3636: JS Editor performance has decreased significantly
  • APSTUD-3725: HTML Commands Not Defined
  • APSTUD-3727: Minor Highlighting bugs on Mac

3.0.5 Release (2011-10-10 update)

Re-push of previous update to fix broken HTML file templates.

3.0.5 Release (2011-10-04)

100+ fixes and improvments. Major updates:

  • Fixes while editing PHP source content
  • jQuery 1.6 support
  • Fix for issues with copy & paste in editors



3.0.4 Release (2011-08-15)

170+ fixes and improvments. Major updates:

  • Faster loading with less processor usage
  • Less memory usage, particularly on large files
  • Less indexing of projects
  • Improved content assist typing experience with better ordering of proposals
  • Introductory CoffeeScript support
  • Formatting improvements, in particular the ability to control spaces
  • New From Template now allows users to create untitled files


3.0.3 Release (2011-07-18)

210+ fixes designed to upgrade and improve issues in the editing experience. New formatting options (like controlling whitespace), supporting @ rules in the CSS outline, refinements of when content assist pops up, improvements in how projects are indexed, and refinements to key bindings for commands like "Toggle Comments".

3.0.2 Release (2011-06-09)

A number of fixes designed to improve the editing experience.

3.0.1 Release (2011-05-02)

A quick update to fix some issues uncovered as part of the 3.0 release.

Migrating from Studio 2? Check out our guide here.

Gold Master Release (2011-04-21)

We're ready for 3.0 final—this release fixes over 270 bugs since the last release, and it's time for it to see the light of day. You'll be happy to know no new install is required—just an update. We're doing a soft launch to help users migrate from version 2 to version 3 and work out the kinks.

OS X users—this release updates the core Eclipse platform from 3.6.1 to 3.6.2, which may cause an issue when restarting the first time. If you run into a problem, see here for the easy fix.

If something isn't where you expect it, we're already hard at work on 3.0.1, so please view the lists on Lighthouse for upcoming releases. If you are currently subscribed to the nightly releases, you effectively are already on 3.0.1, so we recommend you stay on that branch.

Migrating from Studio 2? Check out our guide here.

High priority fixed bugs:

Medium priority fixed bugs:

Low priority fixed bugs:

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